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Full Version: Spor Toto Turkish Cup
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Spor Toto Turkish Cup started with four games at quarter final stage. First game was between BesŸiktasŸ Cola Turka and Efes Pilsen. BesŸiktasŸ unexpectedly won 57-55 with the help of 19 points of their Australian center Andrew James Ogilvy. The other game was between Trabzonspor Medical Park and AliagŸa Petkim. Although Kaspars Kambala, that is Latvian center of AliagŸa scored 29 points, Trabzon went through to semi final with the result as 72-62. At the third game Galatasaray Cafe Crown knocked off Olin Edirne with 62-55. And the most exciting game encountered Fenerbahce Uœlker, which is the last champion of this cup, and Banvit, which is the flash team of this year. Fenerbahce got win over Banvit with 69-68.

According to this results, Fenerbahce will meet Galatasaray and BesŸiktasŸ will play against Trabzonspor.
Go Trabzonspor!
The finalists were defined. BesŸiktasŸ won the closely contested game against Trabzonspor with 90-88. Trabzon was ahead at the big part of the game, but they fall a victim to their inexperience. Match of the day was clearly between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. Fenerbahce won the big derby with 77-70. Darjus Lavrinovic gave his best at this game for this season. He scored 18 points with 80% of 3 point shots. And also he made 6 rebounds 3 blocks 1 assist and 1 steal. Actually as a Fenerbahce fan I got really angry with our team. Because at the end of the third quarter we were 23 points ahead. We could easily create historical difference against our arch rival.

Anyway, Fenerbahce will play against the other arch rival BesŸiktasŸ to get second consecutive Turkish Cup victory on Sunday at 3.00 pm.
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Fenerbahce won it
Emir Preldzic was the best player for Fenerbache. He played great, he playing better and better for Fenerbache! They will need al the help they can get, now that Turkcan can be out for the season
That was a great victory for Fener thanks to Emir Preldzic's 35 points. But I am very upset because of Mirsad's injury. He is a very important, strategic and special player for us. He is more valuable than cups and titles. Words are not enough to tell his importance for all Fenerbahce fans. He is a real legendary player. He had announced his retirement at the beginning of this season before. Most probably this injury caused to finish his basketball career.

By the way Panathinaikos congratulated Saras for this victory from their twitter account. Thanks for their courtesy to Pao.
If he indeed retire, it's very sad for Turkcan to end his career like this, he deserved a better ending. He is a real legendary player