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Full Version: Israeli league signings and rumors 2011/2012
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To start the topic: Mekel is expected to leave Gilboa-Galil as he wants to try his luck abroad. Moran Rot, Yogev Ohayon (both candidates for Maccabi as well) and Yuval Naimi are possible replacements.
Maccabi Ashdod signed with Craig Brackins from the Sixers+NBA out option.
Ramel Bradley from Ashdod (averages 17.5p 3.3a 3.3r this season) is expected to move to Hapoel Jerusalem that'll pay Ashdod a buy out of 75k$. the player that currently earns about 10k$ per month is expected to enjoy a much bigger contract with Jerusalem. Demetri McCamey is expected to leave after Bradley signs, Jarvis Varnado also seems to be on his way out as he asked to leave the team, the team expects the player to pay compensations if he's willing to leave the team
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