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Full Version: Hey TalkBasket....
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Well, seems to be the custom here to make one of these topics, so here it is:

I'm Rob, I'm 29, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I'm originally from Manchester, England. I only moved to Edinburgh about 18 months ago. I started watching basketball when I was around 15, 16 in the late 90s. I've been blogging about hoops for about a year or so really, did my own thing for a bit then some folk were kind enough to ask me to write for them, so mainly I've been writing at The Basketball Post, contribued to The Euro Step which I think will start going again properly for next season and has some awesome writers from Lithuania and Turkey (and me), and lately (which is how I found this forum) right here on TalkBasket! (thanks Vilius!)

I'm mainly interested in the ACB, got into it from the live streams on ACB360 but also from following GB players Joel Freeland, Robert Archibald and Dan Clark, Euroleague, and of course the Great Britain NT. I do follow the NBA and NCAA (Syracuse Orange fan) but I'm much more interested in the European hoops scene these days. Will be going to Lithuania for Eurobasket, can't wait for it to arrive.

Anyway, that's more than enough from me.... Smile
Hi Rob, it's nice to have you here. Discussions with quite an experienced writer like u sure can't be boring.
Welcome. Are you going to Eurobasket?
thanks guys. Yes, will be with the GB contingent in Panevezys for the whole group stage. Section 216!
Welcome Rob Cool I hope you will post something about British league Thup
Welcome! Looking forward discussing with you!