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Full Version: Croatia Are The Rightful 2018 World Cup Champions
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We must consider these 3 points for proper evaluation.

1. first 2 French goals were questionable at best
2. Croatia outplayed France for most of the game and got unlucky (which often happens in low scoring sports)
3. In wealth and population adjusted rankings if Croatia would have won or lost by 1 goal or less they would've retained the #1 spot

further explanation:

Wealth and Population Adjusted Rankings After 2018 World Cup
1. Brazil
2. Croatia
3. Belgium
4. Peru
5. Uruguay
6. Portugal
7. France
8. Chile
9. Denmark
10. Montenegro
11. Serbia
12. Iceland

*Peru may seem overrated after poor World Cup performance, but 3 games is not enough for sufficient mathematical deduction
*due to close scores of Brazil, Croatia, and Belgium any of these teams could overcome each other on a day by day basis