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Full Version: New Forum software
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Dear Basketball Forums users,

As part of our attempt to optimize the website and make even more enjoyable for our users, we decided to update our forum software to the one that's up to date to give the best experience for YOU.

Converting forums involves many changes to bare with us if something is not working right at first. However, there should be no major issues as the forums have been tested before going live.

You may login with your username as password that you had on the old forum. It is recommended to go to User CP and check your profile settings to be sure that everything is functioning the way you want it.

In case you have any problems or issues with the forum, please post about it in the Suggestions & Feedback Forum or under this thread. If for some reason you are unable to login, please contact us at [email protected]

A couple of old features are now gone but should be brought back soon. Those are country flags and favourite team/player profile field.

At the same time we hope this will be push for the community to the board back to where it once was - an active discussion forum.

Your ideas on how to improve the forum are always welcome.
Nice changes. I really think you should upgrade to IPB or Vbulletin. It seems like most sports forums use those forum softwares. Good luck with the upgrading. It will bring lot's of new members.
Actually, we switched to MyBB from IPB. Too many spammer were getting through. Besides, MyBB has all the necessary features. So it was a well considered decision. It's the quality of posts that make the forum popular.