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Full Version: Preparations/Friendly games
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Put here all preparations/friendly games in this thread.

I've read today that there will be a friendly competition in South Korea in the first half of August. USA, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey and hosts South Korea will participate in it. Lithuania will play against USA on August 13th just 6 days before WC 2006 starts. It will be an interesting game <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: -->
Lithuania have been invited to friendly games with Italy and Venezuela in June. We will probably send there our 2nd team because main players will have a break after a season.
USA .VS. Lithuania will be a great game wonder if it'll be on eurosport...
Yes it will <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: --> Don't know what about friendlies but FIBA WC 2006 will be on Sky Sport in UK I think. I don't know why Eurosport is kind of ignoring basketball. It's UK Sport it's Eurosport so the channel title says that they have to show those sports which are popular in the whole continent. At least they started showing Euroleague highlights and ULEB Cup on Eurosport 2.
well at least ill see the tournament if nothing else
Sorry for not updating this thread. Many games were played and preparation is nearly over. Teams are playing their final preparation games.

Serbia & Montenegro 83:64 Argentina

Good win for defending champions. It's still a friendly game but result is impressive.

Spain 96:85 Slovenia

Spain looks consistent during their preparation. We'll see how they do in WC but Spain is in the weakest group so their real strength will show in play-offs.
Lithuania 83:81 South Korea

Very surprising result. The team arrived to South Korea only the day before yesterday and played their first game. It is obvious that players did not adjust to the huge time difference. And I think that the game vs USA can be similar but USA is not Korea so it will be very difficult.
i think friendly games is good for the teams bat dont give the realy pictures of ......i think USA,Argentina,Lithuania,Greece,Italy,Serbia,Brazil,Spain to fight for a medals...big favorit team are the us...........HELLAS FOR A MEDAL....
Regarding Lithuania, a win is always a win and although it may not be the biggest confidence booster, the team will feel more confident than if they had lost to quite a poor team.

I think the main reason for the poor performance was probably jetlag, and hopefully afte having some time to adjust they'll do better tommorow.
I have to say we are looking very good for this World Championship. Two comprehensive wins over Argenitna and Serbia, a clear win over Slovenia, big differences against Poland and China (twice)... yes, we could get a medal

These games don't score, so let's keep the feet on the floor and try to play some good basketball