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Full Version: Dunks
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Watch Mike Peraltas second dunk magical
High school contest between Vince CArter and Pierce when they where in college or high school not sure which

What more can i say beautiful

Nate Robinson i always thought he was 5'9 th9is video says 5'8 enjoy
The basket is very low in teh first video. Even I could make dunks like that in such a low basket

Vince Carter is Vince Carter nothing else to say. While Jason Richardson is my favourite dunker in NBA.
yah in the first video the basket was probs about 7 foot but still foot on wall between the legs is cool
not really a dunk but great anyways
Probably the best dunker at the moment - Jordan Kilganon:

(10-31-2016, 09:36 PM)talkbasket Wrote: [ -> ]Probably the best dunker at the moment - Jordan Kilganon:

Damn! That was magnificient!