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Full Version: FIBA WC history
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All the previous winners.

1950 Argentina
1954 USA
1959 Brazil
1963 Brazil
1967 Soviet Union
1970 Yugoslavia
1974 Soviet Union
1978 Yugoslavia
1982 Soviet Union
1986 USA
1990 Yugoslavia
1994 USA
1998 Yugoslavia
2002 Yugoslavia
2006 Spain
im supporting lithuania
I am glad to hear that mate Thup
i reckon they'll win it
Hopefully but as any other competition WC is very hard to predict.
yah it all depends on how they play at the tournament
this will be just second WC for Lithuania however first attempt wasn't so bad..
i thought they'dbeen in it more than once
As you can see WC started only 1950 it is after Second World War and the Lithuania was occupied by Soviet Union Angry Thudown and only in 1990 we regained our independence since then Lithuania has qualified for it only once.
oh ok i wondered if they were yugoslavia or something thanks that clears it up