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It's still early and we don't know all squads but maybe someone has any predictions. Post them here.
USA- i hate to say it but they could win

Lithuania- The team i will be backing all the way i wish them the best of luck
To win it, i'll be bcaking Argentina and Lithuania. And Venezuela of course (Hopefully we can get in the top 10 this time)
I'll try to make more detailed predicion Smile

Group A

1. Argentina
2. Serbia & Montenegro
3. France
4. Venezuela

5. Nigeria
6. Lebanon

Argentina and Serbia will fight for the first place. If Serbia won't solve their team problems then it will probably be as I predicted above. France could also fight for the top spot but I doubt their chances.

Group B

1. Spain
2. Germany
3. New Zealand
4. Angola
5. Panama

6. Japan

The weakest group of all. Spain is clearly the strongest team. Germany should be second.

Group C

1. Lithuania
2. Greece
3. Australia
4. Brazil

5. Turkey
6. Qatar

The death group with only clear outsider - Qatar. Brazil, Australia and Turkey should be fighting for the 4th place but I think that it will Turkey who will get knocked out.

Group D

1. USA
2. Italy
3. Slovenia
4. Puerto Rico

5. China
6. Senegal

We will see how USA play but it could be Italy at the top. However I predict first place to USA. Puerto Rico and Slovenia could swap places.


Argentina vs Angola

Greece vs Slovenia

Lithuania vs Puerto Rico

Serbia & Montenegro vs New Zealand

Spain vs Venezuela

Italy vs Australia

USA vs Brazil

Germany vs France


Argentina vs Greece

Lithuania vs Serbia & Montenegro

Spain vs Italy

USA vs France


Argentina vs Lithuania

Spain vs France


Lithuania vs Spain


Knowing how "good" predictor I am ( Sad ) it might be completely different. But if teh winner is the same then I have no problem Smile
I hope it all goes right except the final Cool

You have a hard road - Greece and Serbia following your forecast. Ours seems good

My prediction isn't too different -

Group A: Serbia, Argentina, France, Venezuela
Group B: Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Japan
Group C: Lithuania, Greece, Australia, Turkey
Group D: USA, Italy, Slovenia, Puerto Rico

Second Round:

SERBIA v Japan
GREECE v Slovenia
LITHUANIA v Puerto Rico
ARGENTINA v New Zealand
SPAIN v Venezuela
ITALY v Australia
USA v Turkey
GERMANY v France

Quarter finals

Serbia v GREECE
LITHUANIA v Argentina (very very close game. Not 100% sure)
SPAIN v Italy
USA v Germany


USA v Spain

Gold: USA

Silver: Lithuania
Bronze: Spain

4th: Geece

I think the Lithaunia v Argentina is the hardest game for Lithuania. Win it and to the final. Lose it and back home with nothing
I agree with what you said. A game against Argentina would be very tough and very interesting. Lithuanian NT will go to Spain for a friendly competition on August 4th I think. We'll play against Spain, Argentina and Russia. Games against Spain and Argentina will be great but I doubt that this competition will be broadcasted here.