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Full Version: TV Coverage
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I was wondering who will be providing coverage of the championships over here in the UK. I ead HERE that it's on Setanta but I was hoping for a second opinion Thup
There must be more channels broadcasting it, for example Spain's TVE is not listed. Perhaps we have more options than Setanta.
Many countries are not listed there. I know that Sky Sports will be broadcasting it and I think they will show it in UK too. We'll be able to watch almost all matches in Lithuania.

I'll copy that list and we can add more channels to it as we find new.


Supersports ---------------- South Africa & Sub Saharan Africa
Botswana ------------------- Television Botswana


America One ----------------- USA


CCTV5 ------------------------ China
Al Jazeera Sport ------------- Middle East
TVB --------------------------- Hong Kong


Sport TV Portugal ----------- Portugal
NTV Plus --------------------- Russia
Candover -------------------- Hungary
Sport Expresen (IEC) ------- Sweden
Mega Sports ----------------- Ukraine
Setanta Sport --------------- UK and Ireland
ASPN ------------------------- Slovenia
TV3 --------------------------- Lithuania
Viasat Sport 1, 2 and 3 ----- Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia
WOOOHHOOOO we get one chanel you have to order, great
Well, I checked out the RadioTimes website for listings and neither Sky, Setanta nor British Eurosport seem to be covering any of the first group games. Right now only listings for Satuday (19th) and Sunday (20th) are available so I can't predict anything for the knock-out stages but it seems to me that no channel in the UK is showing the championships in full. I guess I'll have to find a website to watch it on.

It's so annoying that the second most popular team sport in the world gets so little coverage in the UK.
I found official list of all broadcasters. Many countries will have their broadcasters decided later and that list should be updated when new TV channels are added. So click here for the list.
Yeah, found that list today too, so I'll keep checking back there, but surely with only 10 days left the broadcasters should be decided Blink

Anyway, I'll wait and hope - in the meantime [url="http://http"]this[/url] might be providing Lithuanian TV coverage over the internet, although you need to pay a certain fee, I presume :dry: Biggrin
For those who have no possibility to watch WC on TV you can do it on live streaming software Sopcast. Go to and download it. Then open it and on the channels list select CCTV 5. I hope this helps someone.

Here you can watch all games for free but you need to understand chinese