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Only 3 days left so I will start a thread for every group where we can discuss results of the games.

Group A


Serbia & Montenegro





Schedule UK time

August 19th

Venezuela - Lebanon 5:00

Serbia & Montenegro - Nigeria 8:00

Argentina -France 11:00

August 20th

Nigeria - Venezuela 5:00

Lebanon - Argentina 8:00

France - Serbia & Montenegro 11:00

August 21st

Argentina - Venezuela 5:00

Serbia & Montenegro - Lebanon 8:00

France - Nigeria 11:00

August 23rd

Nigeria - Argentina 5:00

Venezuela - Serbia & Montenegro 8:00

Lebanon - France 11:00

August 24th

Serbia & Montenegro - Argentina 5:00

Lebanon - Nigeria 8:00

France - Venezuela 11:00
I think we will see one more Serbia badly perfomances <!-- sRolleyes -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]<!-- sRolleyes --> I want that France won't go out of the group...of course they will go.. how I hate them :thumbdown: :bash:
hot news A.Parker is out... some broken finger or something... good for somebody...
[quote name='"Murdock":3056f']hot news A.Parker is out... some broken finger or something... good for somebody...[/quote]

That's a huge loss to France. I still think that they should finish 3rd in the group.
Venezuela 72:82 Lebanon <!-- sOhmy -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/ohmy.gif[/img]<!-- sOhmy -->

Surprising result for me. [url="http://http"]Match stats[/url].
Serbia should be able to still finish 3rd... I wouldn't like Spain to have a game against them in the 2nd round. We are better but these guys can compete when it matters

Parker out leave France as 2nd best, Argentina should win the group.

4th place is wide open
Nigeria 77:84 Venezuela

Lebanon 72:107 Argentina

France 65:61 Serbia & Montenegro

After making the biggest surprise and defeating Serbia, Nigeria made no surprises and lost to Venezuela. Argentina did what they had to do.

The game between France and Serbia was very tight. And probably for the first time in my life I was supporting Serbia <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->
I'd agree... France is my least favourite team, and then Italy... we just can't stop facing them in every sport, except we don't play Italy in Handball and France in Waterpolo. At football they beat us, at basketball we seem to be better now.... we aren't a country of little men anymore

So back to this group. Argentina have won the tough games and will end 1st. Good news for Spain as we won't play them for a while. France should be 2nd... Serbia should still e third since Nigeria have lost their advantage losing to venezuela. 4th placed team should be at least 20 points below Spain when we meet in the 2nd round. It'll probably be Venezuela in points difference
Today only Group A and Group B teams played. Tomorrow C and D play.

Argentina 96:54 Venezuela

Serbia and Montenegro 104:57 Lebanon

France 64:53 Nigeria

Yet again favourites win.
Argetina, France, Serbia. Now I think Nigeria could sneak into 4th because Venezuela has messed it big time with those -42 points. You'd think they know they might decide their fate on points difference
Let's just rephrse that post ater today's results

Nigeria 64: 98 Argentina

Venezuela 65: 90 Serbia

Lebanon 74: 73 France (yes!!!)

What does all this mean? That this group is chaos. Standings are:

1. Argentina 4-0

2. Serbia 2-2

3. France 2-2

4. Lebanon 2-2

5. Nigeria 1-3

6. Venezuela 1-3

I am not 100% sure of the order between Serbia, France and Lebanon. If they take the scores between them, each one has a win and a loss. But Serbia won their game by 44 and lost by 3. They are +41. Framce are +2 and Lebanon -43

It looks quite an exciting group for the last day.

Serbia will play Argentina, qualified as first. If Serbia wins, they'll be 2nd and play perhaps Angola. If they lose, they may be 4th (Spain)

Then it's Lebanon v Nigeria, followed by France v Venezuela. There's a slight chance (Argetina, Nigeria, Venezuela wins) of having 1 team with 5 wins and ALL the rest win 2 wins 3 loses. I'd like Lebanon, Venezuela or Nigeria to meet Spain. Nothing to do with Serbia or France, thanks

So shall we do a bit of guessing? Let's see

Let's go with the "logic" and say Argentina, France and Lebanon win their games

Argentina would be first (in all cases), Lebanon (yes) 2nd, France 3rd and Serbia 4th

What if Serbia wins, along France and Lebanon? 2nd Serbia, 3rd France and 4th Lebanon (3-2)

If Argetnina, Libanon and France win

2nd Libanon, 3rd France, 4th Serbia

if Argentina and Lebanon win, but France loses to Venezuela

2nd, Lebanon - Venezuela, France and Serbia tied in 2-3. Serbia would be in +21, France would be third and Venezuela 4th (they'd need a +20 win to overtake France)

If Argentina, Nigeria and France win

2nd France. Nigeria, Serbia and Lebanon would all have 2 wins 3 loses. Nigeria would be third, as they won both games agaisnt these two. Serbia would be 4th

if Argetina wins, but Lebanon loses to Nigeria and France to Venezuela

All 5 teams would be tied in2 wins 3 loses. Serbia would be fine, as they have +25 +44 wins and -4 -7 loses (+58) France have narrow wins, +4 +11 and a narrow defeat -1. As they would lose to venezuela, they'd never overtake Serbia. Nigeria have +7 win and -11 -7 loses. As they'd win the last day, they'd be 3rd. They'd need to close a gap of 25 points to overtake France (say, France loses by 6 and Nigeria win by 19). Venezuela have a +7 win and loses of -25 and -10. They start the day 17 points behind Nigeria, so again they'd need a win by 17 points more than Nigeria. Lebaon would be in trouble. They have +1 and +10 wins but -44 defeat and would have lost again. They head to 6th place should all these results happen

If Serbia, France and Nigeria win

2nd France, 3rd Serbia, 4th Nigeria

If Serbia, Venezuela and Nigeria win

2nd Serbia and all that long story for 3rd and 4th spots. France would probably be 3rd and Nigeria 4th

If Serbia, venezuela and Lebanon win

2nd Serbia, 3rd Lebanon, 4th venezuela (I like this the best!)

Confusing? very... <!-- sSad -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]<!-- sSad --> <!-- sBlink -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/blink.gif[/img]<!-- sBlink --> <!-- sUnsure -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/unsure.gif[/img]<!-- sUnsure --> <!-- sCool -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif[/img]<!-- sCool -->
Argentina - think that they should play againt USA or Lithuania in final match. But could someone tell me what has happened with Serbia?
On Argentina, I agree they may be in the final. You are forgetting Spain and Greece as main challengers to be there

On Serbia, it is easy - Starting from the dissolution of Yugoslavia, dividing a great side in some good ones. But also Serbia had a great generation of players, whose bests days have gone. Think Bodiroga, for example. The fall in the level had been happening for longer than it seems, though Serbia had help in the FIBA offices, being Serbian Boris Stankovic the boss of FIBA. When Bodiroga and friends weren't good enough to win the game on their own, the men with the whistle would give a foul on the opposition's attack, allow a hard defense, give fauls against the deffense of the other side, so they couldn't get tight ont heir great players. Argentina are still cursing the way they were robbed in the last World Championships

Those great players aren't there anymore, they have some good ones. The fact that Serbia have lost the last 7 or 8 games against Spain and by a amrgin means they aren't in their prime. Spain, as Italy, Argentina, Greece or Lithuania (and Serbia should be there) can beat any of those but also lose. Great teams, tight series of games. The best European teams beat each other all the time, and Serbia don't seem able to beat any of them anymore.

Along the lack of stars (or megastars, basketball galacticos) there's the style of play. Playing to win the game with 65 points gives margin to the rivals. They would only need 5 three points, 10 free throws and 20 shots in to make 65 points. It's an error. See how Spain, Argetina or Lithuania play to score 90 points... Not so many teams are able to score that much
I still can't believe that Lebanon have defeated France. I never like France so I'm kinda happy <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> You really worked hard Diego to make all those "ifs" <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> I am sure that Spain will advance to quarter-finals but do you know that they could meet Lithuania there? I checked all possible scenarios since we can finish only 3rd or 4th. But it is more likely that Lithuania will be 3rd in Group C which means that we meet Italy in last 16 and Spain in quarter-final (if we win of course). If our team was with at least 3 of missing players I would say that both teams' chances are equal but at the current situation I would give that 70% Spain win and 30% Lithuania win.
As I said int he Serbia fall, Spain and Lithuania are two of those teams that are consistently between the top 6 in each competition. When they meet, any could win... Go back to Sweden 2003. During the friendlies, Spain had beaten Lithuania by 18 points (I think the day L?pez got injured again) and a weel later the result was the opposite. When they got to the final, anything could happen and Lithuania won it clearly

Nowadays... I think Spain are better, probably the more consistent European team even if the medal table doesn't agree. You check the last competitions and we have always been in the mix

But, to keep your faith, Spain beat Lithuania in the QF of the Eurobasket of France (was it 99, 2001?) after being really poor in the first pahe and having qualified by some lucky results (Slovenia lost to France for more than 15-ish, as we needed). Then we got to the final and lost it to Italy. But Lithuania were a better side that tournament. It just didn't happen. You can now, it's all or nothing in 40 minutes
Serbia 79:83 Argetina

Some of the IFs get clarified now... Only 4 options left. Still all 5 teams could end in 2 wins 3 loses, way behind Argentina's 5-0 record

Let's wait and see...

Surprising, because of the margin

Lebanon 72:95 Nigeria

So now it's Argentina 5-0, Serbia, Nigeria and Lebanon 2-3

Nigeria tops this mini-group as they have beaten them two. Serbia would ne next

It looks like France will be second, Nigeria 3rd and Serbia 4th, to meet Spain. Sadly Lebanon are likely to be out

...and Finally, France 81:61 Venezuela

1 Argentina 5-0

2 France 3-2

3 Nigeria 2-3

4 Serbia 2-3

5 Lebanon 2-3

6 Venezuela 1-4

..IF I have the rules right. FIBA are showing Serbia ahead of Nigeria provisionally