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Group B



New Zealand




Schedule UK time

August 19th

Germany - Japan 5:00

Angola - Panama 8:00

Spain - New Zealand 11:00

August 20th

Japan - Angola 5:00

New Zealand - Germany 8:00

Panama - Spain 11:00

August 21st

Angola - New Zealand 5:00

Germany - Spain 8:00

Japan - Panama 11:00

August 23rd

Spain - Angola 5:00

Panama - Germany 8:00

New Zealand - Japan 11:00

August 24th

Angola - Germany 5:00

New Zealand - Panama 8:00

Japan - Spain 11:00
I just see one team who knows how to play basketball.. and Germany is lucky cuz they have Nowitzki..otherwise they would be loosers quite easy group but I don't if this is so good... cuz in play-off can be to hard after weak teams <!-- sBaby -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/baby.gif[/img]<!-- sBaby -->
Germany 81:70 Japan

Japan lost only by 11 points and Nowitzki scored 27. [url="http://http"]Match stats[/url].
The "final" of this group is the game between Spain and Germany. Germany are looking ok with Nowitzki, who is a star on the NBA, not only "the best European guy"

Spain are looking good and, most important, are looking like a solid team. While Pau Gasol is the mediatic star, the main man of Memphis and a match winner, the rest of the team can also add to the result. Navarro, Garbajosa... They can also be there in the decisive moment

Spain will hopefull win the group, Germany will be 2nd and I expect New Zealand to be 3rd. Panama and Japan look too poor to qualify
Japan 62:87 Angola

New Zealand 56:80 Germay

Panama 57:101 Spain

So far favourites are winning in this group. I agree with you that Spain will take 1st and Germany 2nd place in this group. Spain will go far this time.
Spain 92 Germany 71

This was the game that mattered in the group, the one that would mark an easier or tougher road to the medals, and against the team that had taken us away from them in the last World Champs and the last Eurobasket.

Germany is a bit more than Nowitzki and Spain is far mor than Pau Gasol, probably 2 of the best 3-4 Europeans in the NBA. The margin between the sides prove that; Nowitzki only did 14 points.

Spain are looking great, we should make it to the last 8 easily and then we will see what the draw brings, as some results aren't going according to the script. Spain, USA and Argentina look the best 3 so far and should be the ones receiving medals. I'd happily swap the Americans for any other team (except France or Italy)
Result is the one I expected. People that think that Germany can win something make me laugh. Their only chance to win is tight defence which I don't like. I am happy that Spain showed them their place <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->

Other results.

New Zealand 73:95 Angola

Japan 78:61 Panama

Angola has 3 wins now <!-- sBlink -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/blink.gif[/img]<!-- sBlink -->

The first win for hosts. Panama look hopeless.
It's good that the home team manage to do something. It'd be shamefu if they were to finish last.

Spain have now won the group (one win will seal it) and are playing well, wining the games through scoring points, playing high tempo, defending well and tyring the rivals. +16, +47, +21. Thrilling. We may or may not win a medal, but at least we have reasons to dream and be thankful to a team that is making us happy. Ol?!

Germany will finish second as I don't see them losing to Angola, but who knows. If they fancy their chances against Serbia more than against France they may just let go... I think germany rely on Nowitzki too much, but he also is the kind of guy that may win them the last 16 round game, whoever they play

Angola third... great for them. They didn't do this good since the 92 Olympics, when famously they defeated Spain at home by 21 points. Our lowest point for years. Thankfully, things have chaned. I don't believe Angola will go any further than the last 16, but it'd be refreshing to have an African side within the last 8

New Zealan may just as well scrap the 4th spot. people cannot be too surprised with this, their 4th place last World Champs was the result of some lucky crosses when it mattered. It'd have a look at the results and probably they lost more games than they won. I feel sympathy for the Tall Blacks, so I'd like them to go through (and if they do like in 2002 and start wining games now, we'd get rid of Argentina)

Panama are a shame. They have lost every game is style... The wrong style. Candidates to last place at the end of the tournament. And deservedly too
Spain 93:83 Angola

Germany 81:63 Panama

New Zealand 60:57 Japan

So Spain have grabbed first spot with a good win against Angola. The game with Japan is now meaningless

Germany will play against Angola to decide who plays Serbia and who plays France. I'd like to see the Angolans in the last 8, and I think Germany can beat any of those 2 sides

Panama have been appalling; I can't just stop saying it. Teams like Nigeria, Venezuela, Libanon, Japan and even Qatar (them in a much tougher group) have shown more guts and passion to win this. They just don't seem to take it seriously. There was an article in Spanish press by former Estudiantes and Spain playmaker Nacho Azofra explaining that Panama have arrived late, haven't played enough friendlies and haven't called the team up a good few weeks before the Tournament like all the other sides. It's a World Championship and you are meant to try your best...

It would have been good for Japan to have beaten the Tall Blacks and qualify for the next round. They would have been slaughtered by Argentina, but it's good the home team goes on. Still could qualify if Panama beats New Zealand... but it won't happen
Spain won only after overtime. What happened? Were the players relaxed or what?
It wasn't overtime...

1st Qtr, 25-12

2nd Qtr, 21-24 (46-36 at HT)

3rd Qtr, 19-21

4th Qtr, 28-26 (93-83)

Spain led 36-20 and 62-46, +16. When Angola fought back, Spain put a bit more effort
Angola 101:108 Germany (after 3 extra-times)

Other than the 3 extra times, this game has solved 2nd and 3rd place for the group. Angola have been close to beating Germany, not too far from Spain and convincing enough in the other 3 games. Could they cause an upset in the next round? They could...

New Zealand 86:75 Panama

Japan 55:104 Spain

So the group finishes. Spain have shown they are serioulsy going for a medal, Germany still rely on Nowitzki while Angola have been a fresh and surprising package. new Zealan have been poor but gone through, Japan have made a good effort but have shown they are years away from the rest and Panama were a distaster.

1 Spain 5-0

2 Germany 4-1

3 Angola 3-2

4 New Zealan 2-3

5 Japan 1-4

6 Panama 0-5