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Full Version: Group D
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Group D




Puerto Rico



Schedule UK time

August 19th

Puerto Rico - USA 6:00

Slovenia - Senegal 8:30

China - Italy 11:30

August 20th

Senegal - Puerto Rico 5:30

Italy - Slovenia 8:30

USA - China 11:30

August 22nd

Puerto Rico - China 5:30

Italy - Senegal 8:30

Slovenia - USA 11:30

August 23rd

Senegal - China 5:30

Puerto Rico - Slovenia 8:30

USA - Italy 11:30

August 24th

Slovenia - China 5:30

Italy - Puerto Rico 8:30

USA - Senegal 11:30
I believe USA will be looking for revenge cuz P.Rico won against USA in Athens... Italy won against Italy in the friendly match couple weeks against the Olympics start.
Puerto Rico 101:111 USA

I wanted PR to win. This is totally different result compared to the friendly game. We'll see what Americans can do against Italy and Slovenia.
The USA will win this group because Italy have struggled to beat Slovenia, but that should be enough to get them second

China, Puerto Rico and Slovenia should fight for 3rd and 4th. China aren?t looking good and I think Slovenia will end 3rd and Puerto Rico 4th
USA will meet 4th team from group C which can be Lithuania. With the way we play now we have no chances <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> I don't think that China can get in top 4 in this group.

Senegal 79:88 Puerto Rico

USA 121:90 China

Italy 80:76 Slovenia
I am not paying too much attention to this group...

First, because the USA have no challenge

Second, because Spain are not going to meet any of them for a while

Third, because there aren't teams I particulary like. I don't dislike Slovenia, China, Puerto Rico or Senegal, but I don't feel anything for them either

and Fourth, it is a gropu with no gapos for surprise results.



Slovenia/Puerto Rico

China will probably be out. They did quite badly in their friendlies in Spain (over 35 difference in each game) and anyway they wouldn't have a chance against Greece
China 87:90 Puerto Rico

Italy 64:56 Senegal

USA vs Slovenia is being played now. After three quarters Americans lead 66:49.
Nothing to be surprised about in this group. Puerto Rico and Slovenia will sort their 3rd/4th spot tomorrow. China will support Slovenia and hope to beat them the last day, and through a three-way tie qualifiy on averages. Not likely
Senegal 83:100 China

Puerto Rico 82:90 Slovenia

USA 94:85 Italy

The USA don't look so invincible anymore: italy had advantages of 12 points... A better team could hold to that sort of lead

Slovenia could end out of the tournament if they lose to China, but looks unlikely

Puerto Rico can overtake Italy if they beat them tomorrow

Only the USa are clearly group winners and Senegal are certain to end 6th. The other 4 teams still could move, but Italy are through 100%
So this score can be meaningful...

Slovenia 77:78 China

China, Slovenia and Puerto Rico are at this stage even on 2 wins. If Puerto Rico loses to Italy, they are out (China lost to Puerto Rico by 3, but Puerto Rico lost to Slovenia by 8, leaving Slovenia in +7, China in -2 and Puerto Rico in -5)

If Puerto Rico beats Italy, then they'll be 2nd, Italy 3rd and China 4th
Italy 73:72 Puerto Rico

USA 103:58 Senegal

So it's Italy vs Lithuania in the next round.

Official website gives this table.

1. USA 5/0

2. Italy 4/1

3. Slovenia 2/3

China 2/3

Puerto Rico 2/3

6. Senegal 0/5