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The draw was made.

GROUP A (Granada, ESP)

1. Team(A/1)

2. Serbia

3. Russia

4. Greece

GROUP B (Sevilla, ESP)

1. Portugal

2. Latvia

3. Croatia

4. Spain

GROUP C (Palma de Mallorca, ESP)

1. Czech Republic

2. Turkey

3. Lithuania

4. Germany

GROUP D (Alicante, ESP)

1. Poland

2. Italy

3. Slovenia

4. France

If we manage to solve all the problems we had this autumn and summer then we should win the group easily and with big margins.

More info [url="http://http"]here[/url].
One team gets knocked out after the first round

Then Groups A and B form a group. C and D another group: Here is where it gets confusing for people with little basketball-tournaments knowledge.

The teams from each Group get to the second round with the wins/loses against the other two sides that qualified. Let?s say Greece has beaten Russia and Serbia; then they go to the 2nd round with two wins. The<score against the other team, that in this case would have been knocked out, is meaningless.

The 3 sides that qalify to the 2nd round will play only against the other group's side. Greece, Serbia and Russia would play Spain, Latvia and Croatia. After these 3 games, the top 4 teams of each group play the quater finals (1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd). My guess is

Group A+B

1. Spain

2. Greece

3. Croatia

4. Russia or Serbia

Group C+D

1. Lithuania/Italy

2. Italy/Lithuania

3. Germany

4. France/Turkey

This would make the following QFs:

Spain v Turkey

Lithuania v Croatia

Italy v Russia

Greece v Germany

The semis

Spain v Lithuania

Italy v Greece

Spain v Greece for gold

Lithuania v Italy for bronze
Qualification for the remaining spot in Group A starts on 25.08.2007. Here are the teams fighting for that place.


1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Bulgaria

3. Hungary


1. Sweden

2. Estonia



1. Ukraine

2. Denmark

3. Israel

4. Belgium
So them 10 teams are all fighting just for 1 space in group A, is that right?

Who is favourites?
[quote name='Luke' date='19 June 2007 - 09:52 PM' timestamp='1182282728' post='2542']

So them 10 teams are all fighting just for 1 space in group A, is that right?

Who is favourites?


Yes only one of these teams will play in the Eurobasket. Israel make it to almost all Eurobaskets. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Estonia can be also regarded as a serious contenders for that spot.
Going to be very intresting then!
Group B is by far the most easy, lucky spaniards! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Tongue' />
I think the favourites are Israel, Ukraine, Bosnia and Bulgaria can be the surprise in my opinion. But whoever qualifies they won't have a big future since they will face Greece, Serbia and Russia.