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Full Version: Special letters and accents
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Is it possible to allow special letters and accents? I noticed that while writing some players names, some letters don't display right? Is it possible to solve this? Thanks Wink
It should be possible but we need to choose right charset. You can see one letters one one charset and others on different charset. At the moment we use Baltic charset so we get letters ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, š, ?, ?, ž. Here is the list of popular charsets and you can see what letters thay have when you click them. Check them and if you find the best one I'd be happy to change it.
I changed the charset and we should see most of the letters and accents now.
Ahh, there you go. Now the letters look fine.

They were all weird with stuff like '?' instead of the right ones.
Quote:They were all weird with stuff like '?' instead of the right ones.

My original nick had that Icelandic "?" instead of the "d" Tongue

Thanks a lot Vilius, let's see if everything displays correctly now.
Good this is sorted out, looked a bit weird.
well it seems to be working in here at least