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Full Version: Top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA
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Who are the top 5 Shooting Guards in the NBA? This video is my breakdown on who are the top 5 Shooting guards in the NBA today. Also a couple of honorable mentions and the next rising stars at the position.

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Dude, I suppose you overrate D-Wade. Probably he's your favorite player!

I want to argue with the fact that you consider MJ the gretest competitor ever. The greatest competitor ever, hands down, is Bill Russell. Crazy

My top 5 should be:

1. Kobe Bryant (I think this will be the last year that Kobe should be considered the best SG)
2. Dwyane Wade
3. Monta Ellis
4. Kevin Martin
5. Manu Ginobili

My honorable mentions are:

Vince Carter Biggrin
Brandon Roy
Ray Allen
Joe Johnson

The SG position is really weak these days. Sad Thudown
I didn't make it through the entire video, just heard Wade was number 1. I have to agree with Theo, Kobe is still the best in my opinion. If I was building a team, Kobe wouldn't be my top pick but I still give him the nod right now.

1) Kobe
2) Wade
3) Manu
4) Joe Johnson (overpaid but still a really good player)
5) Eric Gordon