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Keravnos Strovolos, AEL Limassol, Omonia Nicosia, APOEL Nicosia, Apollon Limassol, AEK Kitiou, Cyprus NT and everything about Cyprus Basketball will be discussed here.

Being the head coach of the Lebanese national team should not affect Raca?s duties with Dentalcon APOEL as the Nicosia powerhouse will start with preparations for next season after his return from Asia.

Raca has already started working on his team?s roster for the next season by renewing the contract with Serbian shooting guard Andrija Ciric, who joined the club late last season.

Ciric was one of the Nicosia side's best players in the playoff finals series against DTL EKA AEL.

Keravnos Cyprus College also renewed cooperation with the experienced Cypriot power forward Alexis Zachariou who will stay with the Strovolos side for another season as the head coach Vasilis Fragias was pleased with Zachariou's overall contribution in the previous season. The 31-year old Zachariou averaged 1.8 points per game, 1.4 rebounds per game, 0.3 assists per game.
APOEL is a fascist club. i support omonia against them.
Let's stick to basketball here. If you want to talk about fascism or anything else, we have off-topic section. Smile
Game 1:

Keravnos [url="http://http"]86-78[/url] Apollon

Intercollege [url="http://http"]68-75[/url] ETHA - BMC AEK

Achilleas Kaimakliou [url="http://http"]83-90[/url] Omonia

APOEL [url="http://http"]86-74[/url] ENAD

Game 2:

AEL [url="http://http"]96-69[/url] Intercollege ETHA

BMC AEK [url="http://http"]76-72[/url] APOEL

ENAD [url="http://http"]73-85[/url] Achilleas Kaimakliou

Omonia [url="http://http"]55-59[/url] Keravnos

Game 3:

Apollon [url="http://http"]74-52[/url] Omonia

APOEL [url="http://http"]72-78[/url] AEL

Keravnos [url="http://http"]81-72[/url] ENAD

Achilleas Kaimaikliou [url="http://http"]97-87[/url] BMC AEK

Game 4:

BMC AEK [url="http://http"]76-7[/url]7 Keravnos

AEL [url="http://http"]97-68[/url] Achilleas Kaimakliou

ENAD [url="http://http"]80-71[/url] Apollon

Intercollege ETHA [url="http://http"]58-59[/url] APOEL

Game 5:

Keravnos [url="http://http"]81-78[/url] AEL

Omonia [url="http://http"]77-88[/url] ENAD

Apollon [url="http://http"]80-76[/url] BMC AEK

Achilleas Kaimakliou [url="http://http"]88-70[/url] Intercollege ETHA
Game 6:

AEL 74-64 Apollon

Intercollege ETHA 89-79 Keravnos

BMC AEK 75-87 Omonia

APOEL 79-66 Achilleas Kaimakliou

Game 7:


Apollon 83-74 Intercollege ETHA

Omonia 77-88 AEL

Keravnos 83-82 Keravnos

Game 8:

Intercollege ETHA 96-90 Omonia

AEL 95-68 ENAD

Achilleas Kaimakliou 74-67 Keravnos

APOEL 64-74 Apollon

Game 9:

Apollon 81-73 Achilleas Kaimakliou

ENAD 63-80 Intercollege ETHA

Omonia 59-87 APOEL


Game 10:

Keravnos 82-58 Omonia

Intercollege ETHA 64-78 AEL


Achilleas Kaimakliou 89-85 ENAD
Game 11:

AEL 103-77 APOEL

ENAD 64-68 Keravnos

Omonia 76-95 Apollon

BMC AEK 77-69 Achilleas Kaimakliou

Game 12:

APOEL 79-58 Intercollege ETHA

Keravnos 81-68 BMC AEK

Achilleas Kaimakliou 68-82 AEL

Apollon 82-77 ENAD

Game 13:

AEL 74-78 Keravnos

BMC AEK 87-76 Apollon

ENAD 74-70 Omonia

Intercollege ETHA 96-87 Achilleas Kaimakliou

Game 14:

Achilleas Kaimakliou 68-57 APOEL

Apollon 80-68 AEL

Omonia 65-64 BMC AEK

Keravnos 92-78 Intercollege ETHA

Game 15:

AEL 91-64 Omonia

APOEL 77-63 Keravnos


Intercollege ETHA 86-89 Apollon
Game 16:

Omonia 64-85 Intercollege ETHA

Keravnos 92-82 Achilleas Kaimakliou

Apollon 70-61 APOEL

ENAD 58-84 AEL

Game 17:

Intercollege ETHA 70-74 ENAD

Achilleas Kaimakliou 75-84 Apollon


APOEL 80-71 Omonia
Game 18:

Apollon [url="http://http"]73-70[/url] Keravnos

Omonia [url="http://http"]63-80[/url] Achilleas Kaimakliou

ENAD [url="http://http"]63-65[/url] APOEL

BMC AEK [url="http://http"]88-79[/url] Intecollege ETHA
The Regular Season ended over the weekend and the playoffs couples have been formed.

Regular Season League Table:

1. AEL Limassol 13-3 (1345-1131)

2. Keravnos 12-4 (1239-1178)

3. Apollon Limassol 12-4 (1254-1179)

4. APOEL Nicosia 8-8 (1191-1163)

5. Achilleas Kaimaikliou 7-9 (1252-1280)

6. BMC AEK 7-9 (1264-1277)

7. Intercollege ETHA 5-11 (1220-1284)

8. ENAD 5-11 (1185-1275)

9. Omonia 3-13 (1118-1301)

AEL Limassol has automatically qualified to the Semi Finals as they finished top of the League

The playoffs couples:

Keravnos - Intercollege ETHA

Apollon - BMC AEK

APOEL - Achilleas Kaimakliou
Keravnos Strovolos signed Mike King.
Quote:GENEVA (FIBA) – FIBA has suspended a physiotherapist with Cyprus’s national team for one year following his involvement in a doping case.

The physiotherapist was accused of violating article 2.8 of the FIBA Anti-Doping Regulations which prohibits “assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up or any other type of complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation or any attempted violation”.

During a doping control at the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, a player on the Cyprus national team tested positive for an anabolic steroid. After being confronted with the violation, the player decided to collaborate in the enquiry by naming the person who helped him in falsely noting on the doping control form a prohibited medication (as “declared medication”) and advised him to use it later as an excuse for his positive result in order to get a reduced sanction.

The player’s own ban was reduced from two years to 18 months following his collaboration.

This is the first time FIBA has sanctioned someone in a player’s entourage.

Details of the case can be found in the ‘Decisions on doping cases’ area of [url=""]FIBA’s Medical corner section[/url].

The move to ban the physiotherapist reflects FIBA’s concerted effort to investigate doping cases much further and sanction not just the players who are in breach of the Anti-Doping Regulations, but also to go after the people who assisted them in that regard.