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Full Version: 2007/08 European Signings and Rumours
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So since most of the domestic leagues and Euroleague have ended, i think it is time to close the previous Signings and Rumours topics and create a new one, for new transfers etc...

So first contribution:

Olympiakos has officially announced Pini Gershon's contract extention up to 2009.
Turkish media reports that Loren Woods signed with Efes Pilsen. It is a big loss for ?algiris.

Juan Carlos Navarro could leave Barcelona and move to NBA.

VidiVici interested in Simas Jasaitis and offer him 3-year-contract.
Olympiakos announced the signings of Ian Vouyoukas (St Louis College, PF, 23) and Yiorgos Apostolides (Olympia Larissa, PG, 23)

They also released Ryan Stik, Christos Charissis and Nikos Barlos.
Fenerbahce signed Emir Preldzic and is also about sign Ersan.

We are in talks with Maciulis, too.
Ram?nas Šiškauskas shocked everybody and left Panathinaikos to sign for CSKA Moscow. He should sign 2+1-year-contract with the Russian chmapions and Euroleague 2006 champions. Obviously money was the key in Šiška decision. I wouldn't like to see him playing for CSKA though.
vilius do u know the value of the offer of cska to siska?
[quote name='"utkugk":73a55']vilius do u know the value of the offer of cska to siska?[/quote]

All I know is just different rumours and speculations. I heard that he should earn about twice more than in Panathinaikos. I think Greek members should have more detailed info.
According to Spanish media Lazaros Papadopoulos signed a contract with Real Madrid.
Siskauskas will be getting 2M Euros per year for a 3-years contract.

This guy must have the best agent in the world, last season he was getting 450K Euros from benetton, then next season he got 1.2M Euros from Panathinaikos and no up to 2M from CSKA...

Efes Pilsen signed Andre Hutson for 2 season from Panionios. He will be getting around 700K per year.

On the other hand, Haislip is rumoured to have an offer of 1.7M! oer year from Siena...
Benetton interested in Mantas Kalnietis and Kristaps Valters. I'd like to see Kalnietis playing in Italy if he gets the same amount of minutes at Žalgiris as he did last year.

TAU Ceramica would like to sign Rimantas Kauk?nas who is a free agent now after having a great season in Italy. Kauk?nas himself said that he would like to stay in Siena. Simas Jasaitis who will be released by Maccabi is also followed by TAU and VidiVici.

DeJuan Collins signed new 1-year contract with Žalgiris. Charles Smith will stay in Real Madrid for one more season.
Lietuvos Rytas signed Bosnian power forward Kenan Bajramovic from Ukrainian champions Azovmash. 26-year-old signed 2-year contract with the possible buy out after the first season. The club is looking for other teams where Eurelijus Žukauskas, AUrimas Kieža, Darius Pakamanis and maybe Pavelas ?ukinas will be sent since there are no plans to include them in the final roster.
Panathinaikos signed one of the most promising Greek youngsters, Stratos Perperoglou.

He was one of the best players in A1 this season and will be probably called ofr Greece NT summer preparation for the Eurobasket.

He is a 24 year old SF and Panathinaikos paid 700K Euros to Panionios to buy him.

Panathinaikos is also trying to sign Rudy Fernandez from DKV, who has admitted having talked with Obradovic and wants to leave DKV.
CSKA officially announced the signing of Ramunas Siskauskas.

He signed a 2 years contract and will meet his old teammates Nikos Zisis and Marcus Goree from Benetton.
The rumours suggest that Theodoros Papaloukas signed new 3-year contract with CSKA and will not move to NBA.

Rimantas Kauk?nas stays at Montepaschi.

Olympiacos signed Pablo Prigioni from TAU Ceramica and Panagiotis Kafkis (Panionios).

Euroleague champions Panathinaikos Kennedy Winston from Panaionios.

Nikola Prkacin moves to Dynamo Moscow.

Prokom Trefl interested in Alex Acker and Henry Domercant.
Olympiakos hasn't signed Prigioni yet. They have agreed terms with the player but TAU is in no hurry to sell him since they still don't have a coach.
[quote name='"Arkadios":e7ef6']Olympiakos hasn't signed Prigioni yet. They have agreed terms with the player but TAU is in no hurry to sell him since they still don't have a coach.[/quote]

Thanks for the correction <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: -->

Mike Wilkinson (Aris) moved to Khimki.

Joseph Forte (Montepaschi) signed for Unics.
Montepaschi signed Vlado Ilievski from Virtus Bologna.

Jamie Arnold (Maccabi) will join Hapoel Jerusalem for two year contract.
Olympiacos released Andrija Zizic who had a contract until 2010 <!-- sOhmy -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/ohmy.gif[/img]<!-- sOhmy -->

Cibona signed Samuel Hoskin who started last season at Ural Great but later moved to Olympiacos.

Lietuvos Rytas signed Lithuania U-19 member Lukas Brazdauskas.
Lawrence Roberts from Memphis Grizzlies is a replacement for Zizic. He signed 2-year contract with Olympiacos. Loukas Mavrokefalidis is another new face at the club having joined from Lottomatica for a 3-year contract.
Unicaja signed Davor Kus (Cibona) and Marcus Haislip (Efes Pilsen).

Shammond Williams returns to Spain having signed 3-year-contract with Pamesa.

Ersan Ilyasova left Milwaukee Bucks to join Barcelona for a 2-year-contract worth $5M.

Qyntel Woods to Olympiacos.
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