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Will this skin be the permanent one for TB, or will we be looking into getting a new template or something?
We will have a custom skin added. It takes time to decide what colour scheme, font to use and get all the icons etc. So your suggestions are welcome Thup
Ok awesome. I was gonna say that this one is a bit cramped and cluttered, but seeing as we're getting a new none of that matters.

I'd say maybe an orange themed skin, like the colour of the sterotypical basketball? Basketball
A new skin called "Inspiration" was added. It is dark green and I quite like it. To see it change your skin in user control panel. Please post your comments. Maybe you see something that can be improved on the new skin?
AS you can see we switched from the default forum skin to a new one called "Comfy". There are still some changes being made to it so please let us know what you like/dislike about the new skin and how it could be improved.
I like it Vilius. Smooth layout, good colors.
nice skin!!! good goob vilius!!!!