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Full Version: Anyone heading to Spain?
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I was wondering if anyone was intending to go to Spain?

I am going but can probably only manage to see a couple of group games in Seville but more probably Granada!

The tickets were too expensive for me for the group phase so hoping to get tickets for one day when they go on sale 01 august!

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I wish I could go there. As you already mention the prices are high and I wasn't prepared to go to Spain. But I am sure you can buy tickets before every game. The price would be few times higher at least though. At least there are no problems with broadcasting here and I will be able to see almost all matches on TV. Plus I plan to go some friendly games before Eurobasket. And I will try to take some pictures and will be posting them here <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />