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With 10 days to go till Eurobasket starts it is about time to start making predictions. Please post your thoughts here.
OK I'll start then.

Group A

It doesn't matter who will be the last team to qualify but I think that it will finish last in the group. Russia are not showing a great form so I'd put them in 3rd place. Greece got heavily beaten by Serbia in a friendly game but I reckon that European champions can finish above Serbia. On the other hand Serbia have a strong team and if they start well they can win Group A. Greece have advantage of knowing each other very well and playing together for many years which can be crucial factor in Eurobasket. So my prediction would be 1. Greece 2. Serbia 3. Russia 4. Qualifier.

Group B

Another group with a clear outsider - Portugal. I'd like to see them making a surprise but I don't it will happen. Spain should win this group but maybe Croatia manage to make an upset and revenge for Eurobasket 2005 <!-- sRolleyes -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/rolleyes.gif[/img]<!-- sRolleyes --> If nothing serious happens like key injuries it should be 1. Spain 2. Croatia 3. Latvia 4. Portugal.

Group C

Czech Republic are the weakest team in the group and I can't see them going through. Lithuania should win Group C. If we make a good start then it will be hard to stop us. It will be interesting to see who will win Germany vs Turkey as it could be a decisive game for the 2nd place in the group provinding that Lithuania win all games. German defence could kill Turkey but I'm a fan of an attacking basketball so I' put Turkey above despite the fact that Germany are runners-up of Eurobasket 2005. 1. Lithuania 2. Turkey 3. Germany 4. Czech Republic.

Group D

Yet again there should only one team fighting to not finish last. That team is Poland. The other 3 teams are way stronger than Poles. Italy are being touted as one of the strongest teams but I can't see them going far. Their preparation is not going too well and players are already complaining that thy play too many games. Italians lost against Slovenia in Acropolis Tournament by a small margin. Slovenia should finish above them unless their form is increased seriously. France will be the team to beat in Group D. 1. France 2. Slovenia 3. Italy 4. Poland.

If we follow my predictions then we should see these groups in the qualifying round. Even if final group standings will be different compared to what I predicted, we should still see these teams in the next round:

Group E







Group F







I'll post the second part of my predictions next time.
My Prediction about Eurobasket 2007:

Group A:

I think it will be easy for Greece to win Group A,Serbian players in majority are young so i put Russia before Serbia, 1-Greece ,2-Russia , 3-Serbia, 4-Qualifier

Group B:

I don't have any idea about Portugal,just i know that lot of African players play in the Portuguese league,Latvia good team but not enough to wins croitia or Spain.

1-Spain , 2- Croitia , 3-Latvia , 4-Portugal

Group C:

I see this group the hardest ,but still lithuania in my opinion better than Germany and Turkey,Turkey like Serbia are in majority young,they had a great WC last year.So i will not be surprised if they do a good result.I have no idea about Czech Republic.

but my prediction is : 1-Lithuania, 2- Germany, 3-Turkey , 4-Czech Republic.

Group D:

1-France , 2-Italy , 3-Slovenia , 4-Poland.

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