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Full Version: TBL 2007/2008 Season
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It is a little bit late may be but let’s start with the current standings and a short summary:

1- Galatasaray 12-3

2- Be?ikta? 12-3

3- Fenerbahçe 11-4

4- Efes Pilsen 11-4

5- Türk Telekom 11-4

6- P?nar Kar??yaka 9-6

7- Antalya B?B. 8-7

8- Kepez B?B. 8-7

9- Banvit 7-8

10- Mersin B?B. 6-9

11- Alpella 6-9

12- Mutlu Akü Selçuk 5-10

13- Oyak Renault 4-11

14- CASA Ted Kolejliler 4-11

15- TTNet Beykoz 4-11

16- Darü??afaka 2-13

A great season for Galatasaray and Be?ikta?… EL teams Fenerbahçe and Efes had some problems during the first half of the regular season but both will be better… Telekom is a question mark without M.Wright but they are one the title candidates with El-Amin, Tutku, Dudley and Williams....

Kar??yaka has a great starting five but nothing more… They are extremely dangerous with Hosley, Marshall and Neal but their limited squad is their biggest disadvantage. There are rumours about Hosley’s future especially, who is told to be a target of some European and TBL teams. Kepez BSB. and Antalya BSB. are both teams of “Antalya”, which is one of the biggest cities of Turkey and it hadn’t been represented in TBL for a very long time. It is really good to see that they are performing well. Banvit is an another team with great potential and i think they will perform well in the near future.

In my opinion Darü??afaka is the weakest link in TBL and their relegation won’t be suprising… There will be a great fight between remaining teams to avaoid relegation but i think Alpella is the second team who has to struggle extremely hard to be there in next season. This team defeated Efes Pilsen and Fenerbahçe but after the loss of Ömer A??k (to Fener) and the injury of D.Kinloch, their remaining squad full of young talents won’t be enough i think…

Anyway, we have really a quality league after years… We can keep on talking about TBL in this topic…
Turkish league is definatelly getting stronger. Turk Telekom have big ambitions towards future and even plan to get a plce in the Euroleague. Standings show that it is very competitive season which is always a good thing. Is the qualification to the EL system the same as in other countries? One team with 3-year contract and another qualifying through the league?
Fenerbahçe Ülker and Efes Pilsen have been given a guarantee but i don't know the duration of the contracts. Telekom has to win ULEB if they want to join EL but it doesn't seem possible...
Türk telekom have been in talks with el board for the past two years. they themselves wanted to wait for another few years before joining the league. they have been setting themselves for the top league, both financially and squadwise.

if they somehow get a chance to reach the top domestically they'd be even more motivated to join and display their names.
TBL Day 16:

Alpella-Mersin B?B.: 76-81

Mutlu Akü Selçuk-TTNET Beykoz: 81-86

Oyak Renault-Fenerbahçe Ülker: 68-67

Antalya B?B.-Darü??afaka: 96-77

CASA Ted Kolejliler-P?nar Kar??yaka: 81-87

Be?ikta? Cola Turka-Türk Telekom: 65-86

Banvit-Galatasaray Cafe Crown: 77-80

Efes Pilsen-Kepez Belediye: 75-69

Fenerbahçe (without Mirsad, O?uz and Semih) lost against Oyak. It is getting more difficult for Fener to get a place at the top of the league. Be?ikta? was hammered by Telekom and Ankara side is getting use to win without Michael Wright. Telekom will lead the serie (1-0) if this two teams meet in Play-Off.

Galatasaray had also injury problems and they won without their experienced center Hüseyin Be?ok (Robert Hite and Tufan Ersöz were also missing). Banvit led the game for a long time but Galatasaray was strong enough to secure the win. And David Blatt's team Efes didn't let Kepez Bld. to make the second suprise of the week and defeated them after an exciting last period...

Next Week:

P.Kar??yaka-Be?ikta? Cola Turka


F.Bahçe Ülker-Efes Pilsen

Mersin B?B.-CASA TED

Antalya B?B-Galatasaray Cafe Crown

TTNET Beykoz-O.Renault

Kepez Bld-Banvit

Türk Telekom-Selçuk Ünv
Current standings:

1- Galatasaray 13-3

2- Türk Telekom 12-4

3- Be?ikta? 12-4

4- Efes Pilsen 12-4

5- Fenerbahçe 11-5

6- Kar??yaka 10-6

7- Antalya B?B. 9-7

8- Kepez BLD. 8-8

9- Mersin B?B. 7-9

10- Banvit 7-9

11- Alpella 6-10

12- TTNet Beykoz 5-11

13- Mutlu Akü Selçuk 5-11

14- Oyak Renault 5-11

15- CASA Ted Kolejliler 4-12

16- Darü??afaka 2-14
Both Euroleague teams are behind ULEB Cup teams <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> What is the play offs system in Turkey? How many teams qualify for them?
Top 8 teams get the chance to join Play-Off and in these series teams with 3 wins qualify through the next round...

Galatasaray, Be?ikta? and Telekom are performing really well but i still think that Fener and Efes will be better in Play-Off and they are the favourites of the league...
So half of the league miss the play-offs? That should make a fight for a spot in top 8 very intense.
Fenerbahce Ulker defeated Efes Pilsen 78-70. Young center Omer Asik played with 15 points and 13 rebounds. Will Solomon was player of the game with 18 points, 7 rebonds and 5 asists.
Do Efes play only with American players in Turkish league too? It seems that Blatt can't find winning formula in the league.
Legal limit in Turkish League is 3 American in the court and two in bench. Rashad Wright was out today. Turkish players quality is not enough in my opinion. Also Penn, Gregory and Woods played badly today.
Sorry for being late, here come the results of Day 17:

Türk Telekom-Mutlu Akü Selçuk: 103-89

Antalya B?B.-Galatasaray Cafe Crown: 77-74

Mersin B?B.-CASA Ted Kolejliler: 84-76

P?nar Kar??yaka-Be?ikta? Cola Turka: 99-90

Kepez Belediye-Banvit: 71-89

Darü??afaka-Alpella: 69-67

TTNet Beykoz-Oyak Renault: 69-77

Fenerbahçe Ülker-Efes Pilsen: 78-70

1- Galatasaray 13-4

2- Telekom 13-4

3- Be?ikta? 12-5

4- Fenerbahçe 12-5

5- Efes Pilsen 12-5

6- Kar??yaka 11-6

7- Antalya B?B 10-7

8- Banvit 8-9

9- Kepez Bld. 8-9

10- Mersin B?B. 8-9

11- Alpella 6-11

12- Oyak Renault 6-11

13- TTNet Beykoz 5-12

14- Mutlu Akü Selçuk 5-12

15- CASA Ted Kolejliler 4-13

16- Darü??afaka 3-14

Next Week:

Antalya B?B - Kepez Belediye

P?nar Kar??yaka - Mersin B?B

Alpella - G.Saray Cafe Crown

Efes Pilsen - TTNET Beykoz

CASA TED - Darü??afaka

Oyak Renault - T.Telekom

Be?ikta? Cola Turka - Mutlu Akü Selçuk Üni.

Banvit - F.Bahçe Ülker
Alpella defeated Galatasaray (81-78) and this was their third surprising win, they had also upset Efes and Fener this season. Galatasaray has lost the first place and Telekom is the new leader, who achieved a win against Oyak Renault (61-75). Other results of day 18:

Be?ikta?-Mutlu Akü Selçuk: 100-95

Antalya B?B.-Kepez Bld: 73-64

P?nar Kar??yaka-Mersin B?B.: 86-78

CASA Ted Kolejliler-Darü??afaka: 67-65

Efes Pilsen-TTNet Beykoz: 90-67

Banvit-Fenerbahçe: 66-76
It is a very close league. Underdogs can beat favourites. Alos the point difference is not very high as the scores suggest.

What is wrong with Efes Pilsen (not that I am unhappy about that <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin --> )?
They have 6 Americans, this is not Efes' style, this wasn't i mean... They have an unbalanced team and rotation is also a big problem, especially for Turkish league because of foreign limit (only 3 of them can be on the court at the same time)...

At the last match of the week Fenerbahçe defeated Banvit (66-76)vand got an important away win. James White injured at the first quarter and couldn't return, i hope he will be able to play against Partizan...
Day 19:

Galatasaray-CASA Ted Kolejliler: 89-71

Mersin B?B.-Be?ikta?: 77-84

Mutlu Akü Selçuk-Oyak Renault: 72-62

Kepez Bld.-Alpella: 73-60

Darü??afaka-P?nar Kar??yaka: 109-99 (23-23, 23-13, 27-18, 36-45 )

TTNet Beykoz-Banvit: 95-70

Antalya B?b.-Fenerbahçe: 82-71

Türk Telekom-Efes Pilsen: 92-93

Galatasaray and Be?i?ta? didn't let a surprise and defeated their opponents. Relegation candidates got very important wins this weekend but the most valuable one was Darü??afaka's victory against P?nar Kar??yaka. This was their fourth win but they are still one step behind from others...
Day 20:

P?nar Kar??yaka-Galatasaray Cafe Crown: 75-74 That was really a good match. Kar??yaka needed this win, after the loss of Gary Neal they need to prove that they are still one of the most dangerous teams in TBL. Galatasaray's great return in the last minute (with 9-0 run) wasn't enough for a win, they couldn't use the last ball with Dee Brown. Now GS have a very important game against ASVEL this Tuesday, that one will be more difficult.

Be?ikta? Cola Turka-Oyak Renault: 78-68 Oyak suprised everyone with their Turkish Cup performance and today they had a good match against Be?ikta?. They played without their starting PG and key player Andre Woolridge but despite his absence they had the lead until last 5 minutes. Sinan Güler and Preston Shumpert were the heroes of tonight. Be?ikta? played without their shooting guard Rick Apodaca (Dalmau had also an injury in this match).

Banvit-Türk Telekom: 125-87 Yes, the result is real! Banvit is a good team and hard to beat at their home, Telekom had probably concentration problems in this game (that was between Turkish Cup and Uleb Cup matches) but the result still seems extremely unusual. That was the sixth defeat of the season for Telekom, they need to be much more better on Tuesday. Banvit deserves the Play-Off's i think...

Efes Pilsen-Mutlu AKü Selçuk: 106-63 Efes had a rest before the match against Siena...

Mersin B?B.-Darü??afaka: 88-83

CASA Ted Kolejliler-Kepez Bld.: 83-79 (1 OT)

Fenerbahçe Ülker-Alpella: 84-61

Antalya B?B.-TTNet Beykoz: 94-67
Day 21:

Fenerbahçe-CASA Ted Kolejliler: 70-77

Galatasaray-Mersin B?B.: 73-68 (OT)

Darü??afaka-Be?ikta?: 59-79

Kepez Bld.-Kar??yaka.: 99-93 (OT)

TTNET Beykoz-Alpella: 88-89 (OT)

Türk Telekom-Antalya B?B: 76-78

Mutlu Akü Selçuk-Banvit: 89-86

Oyak Renalut-Efes Pilsen: 58-60
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