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Full Version: Gameweek 12
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Efes Pilsen 90-84 Lietuvos Rytas

AJ Milano 77-69 Aris TT Bank

Lottomatica 88-87 Partizan

Unicaja 87-68 Le Mans

Rytas a very close game. Efes Pislen are the only team to beat Rytas twice this season. Despite this loss Rytas can still finish 1st in Group B by defeating Unicaja and Cibona in remaining two games.
Efes looks as if they are a curse for Rytas. They basically played with only 6 americans <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/thudown.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thudown:' />

Do you think Zalgiris can do anything against CSKA tonight?
Why not? CSKA is without Savrasenko and Smodis while Papaloukas is far from his good form.

If Zalgiris is being serious about qualifying to Top16 they ought to win this.
Definitely. And if that happens CSKA would be only one win ahead of the other teams and if they somehow manage slip once more the race for the top 5 spots could wide open.
CSKA proved why they are a world class team with a world class coach.

They left no chance for Zalgiris. another great game by Siskauskas (I still can not understand how we lost Siskauskas!!!)

Good news for Zalgiris though is that Olympiakos lost to Prokom and if they manage to beat them in Kaunas they will get on top of them.
Cibona 76-81 Maccabi Elite

Žalgiris 60-88 CSKA Moscow

Prokom Trefl 63-59 Olympiacos <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Ohmy' />

Panathinaikos 102-78 Chorale R.

Real Madrid 82-79 AXA FC Barcelona

Virtus Vidivici 64-77 Montepaschi

Tau Ceramica 89-74 Olimpija

Brose Baskets 81-73 Fenerbahce Ulker

CSKA totally destroyed Žalgiris. They were better in all aspects of the game. Only the start of the 1st quarter was good when the score was 15-14 or similar. But then Žalgiris missed a few shots while CSKA answered with points. I am still sure that if we had a better coach than Grigas it would be different. If you look at the table the situation there is not bad but I feel that a better coach would get more out of the players that Žalgiris have. Šalenga is total zero. It seems as if he doesn't even want to play. I expected him to be a good sub when he returned this summer but he's even worse than Kalnietis who doesn't get much playing time this year. Jankūnas is slow so is Jurak. There should be a quicker PF in the team. Mačiulis can be a monster but his shot is quite mediocre. Plus he often can control his moves and if he's lucky he can penetrate or score if not - he gets an offensive foul. I can't find a game plan in Žalgiris tactics unlike Rytas for example. There should be more teamwork and not individual play. Top 16 will be very hard...

Šiška did what he wanted last night. Žalgiris defence couldn't stop him. Langdon, Holden, Andersen were left open and scored.
Maybe a new center can help them play better. Marcus Brown was in the shadow once again. Zalgiris could get very strong opponents in Top 16 if they finish 5th.
I don't think one player can change the game plus he will probably be not the starting 5 material. We won't see much difference unless the team gets a new coach. The coach must have respect from players and be strong at tactics. In other teams poor results increase pressure on the coach but not in Žalgiris. We saw what happened last season <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/thudown.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thudown:' />
Week 12 Top 10 Plays


Week 12 MVP's Marko Milic, Romain Sato, Will Solomon