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Full Version: Top 16 Draw
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The Top 16 Draw will take place on February 4th.
One thing I am almost 100% is that if Žalgiris is in the 4th pot they will have no chances of reaching quarter-finals. While Rytas should go through and it would already be a great achievement. I think we should see more convincing wins by Panathinaikos in Top 16.
What we have so far:

Pot 1: Panathinaikos, CSKA Moscow

Pot 2:

Pot 3:

Pot 4: Partizan
[quote name='Vilius' date='30 January 2008 - 07:12 PM' timestamp='1201713157' post='3624']What we have so far:

Pot 1: Panathinaikos, CSKA Moscow

Pot 2:

Pot 3:

Pot 4: Partizan[/quote]

1: Panathinaikos, CSKA


3: Zalgiris

4: Olympiakos, Partizan
Pot 1: CSKA, Lietuvos rytas, Panathinaikos, Real.

Pot 2: Montepaschi, Maccabi, Tau Ceramica, Unicaja.

Pot 3: AXA Barcelona, Žalgiris, Efes Pilsen, Fenerbahce Ulker.

Pot 4: Olympiacos, Aris, Partizan, Lottomatica.

I can't of any good draw for Žalgiris while Rytas have good chances to reach quarter finals. All teams in 1st and 2nd pot should defeat Žalgiris unless they show completely different basketball from Top 16 which is impossible.
The draw will be made tomorrow 12:45 CET.

Here are the rules of the daw:


From the beginning of the draw, teams coming from the same Regular Season group or teams from the same country will not coincide in the same Top 16 group.

Since it is impossible to respect these restrictions 100% (there are three Regular Season groups but four Top 16 groups / in Euroleague Basketball there are countries with four representatives), the following conditions will be enforced:

1) A maximum of two teams from the same Regular Season group may coincide in the same Top 16 group.

2) A maximum of two teams from the same country may coincide in the same Top 16 group.

*Priority between these two restrictions will be given to a), non-coincidence from Regular Season group.


- Four draws will be held, one for each level, starting with the first level.

- The levels will be drawn one at a time in order starting with Level 1, with each ball representing a team from the level being drawn. As the balls are drawn, the team that is picked will be placed in the next available spot in the groups following the order (D-E-F-G), taking into account the restrictions stipulated above.

- From the beginning of the draw, if an incompatibility occurs with a team drawn, that team will go to the next available spot (i.e., next available group) until it is no longer possible to avoid incompatibilities.

- If there is no compatible spot available following the above procedures, then the team in question will trade places with a team of the same level following the order of the groups (D-E-F-G), when possible.

- The draw will continue in the manner explained above until all the levels have been drawn.
Group D





Group E





Group F

Real Madrid




Group G

CSKA Moscow



As predicted Panathinaikos got Efes, surprise surprise...

Zalgiris is screwed <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Crazy' />
This was pretty difficult draw for my team ( Olympiakos Pireaus ). I hope we will get 3 wins in Pireaus, SEF and one win away, propably in Kaunas or Tel-Aviv.

Aris TT Bank was pretty lucky. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Dry' />
Unfortunately I was away and couldn't follow the draw live. I said before the draw that whatever the draw is Žalgiris have no chances. My words came true in the best possible way. Yet again 0-6. It's getting boring. Not much I can say. Maccabi have new coach and they won a few games in a row and look different fcompared to the team that we saw with Kattash in charge. Giannakis should change Olympiakos game too and it will only be positive changes plus they will have Macijauskas. Real Madrid were great this year and managed to defeat Panathinaikos that says everything.

Panathinaikos are the favourites in any group. Montepaschi and Efes Pilsen should fight for the second place but in my opinion Italians are the favourites. For Partizan it could be a similar story like Žalgiris.

The positive thing of the draw is that there are good chances to see Lithuanian team in quarter finals. Although Rytas defeated Aris twice, I think that it will much more difficult now. TAU is the main contender for Rytas if they play well. Two years ago Spahija led Rytas to the Top 16 and played against TAU. This time he will be on the other side. If Rytas maintain their form that they were showing in the regular season they have chances to win the group.

Hopefully Barca and Unicaja can bite CSKA once or twice. It should be a fight between Spanish clubs for a second spot.

Gameweek 1

Efes Pilsen - Panathinaikos

Siena - Partizan

Lietuvos Rytas - TAU Ceramica

Aris - Fenerbahce

Real Madrid - Žalgiris

Olympiakos - Maccabi

CSKA Moscow - Lottomatica

Barcelona - Unicaja

Gameweek 2

Panathinaikos - Partizan

Efes Pilsen - Siena

TAU Ceramica - Fenerbahce

Lietuvos Rytas - Aris

Žalgiris - Maccabi

Real Madrid - Olympiacos

Lottomatica - Unicaja

CSKA Moscow - Barcelona

Gameweek 3

Siena - Panathinaikos

Partizan - Efes Pilsen

Aris - TAU Ceramica

Fenerbahce - Lietuvos Rytas

Olympiakos - Žalgiris

Maccabi - Real Madrid

Barcelona - Lottomatica

Unicaja - CSKA Moscow

Gameweek 4

Panathinaikos - Efes Pilsen

Partizan - Siena

TAU Ceramica - Lietuvos Rytas

Fenerbahce - Aris

Žalgiris - Real Madrid

Maccabi - Olympiakos

Lottomatica - CSKA Moscow

Unicaja - Barcelona

Gameweek 5

Panathinaikos - Siena

Efes Pilsen - Partizan

TAU Ceramica - Aris

Lietuvos Rytas - Fenerbahce

Žalgiris - Olympiakos

Real Madrid - Maccabi

Lottomatica - Barcelona

CSKA Moscow - Unicaja

Gameweek 6

Partizan - Panathinaikos

Siena - Efes Pilsen

Fenerbahce - TAU Ceramica

Aris - Lietuvos Rytas

Maccabi - Žalgiris

Olympiakos - Real Madrid

Unicaja - Lottomatica

Barceloa - CSKA Moscow
Why are you such a pessimist? Didn't Zalgiris make some home wins? Why not in Top16? Especially if they get Lavrinovic (?)

Partizan must make 2 home wins and keep themselves in the game until the game 6, when PAO will visit Belgrade (hopefully with 5-0 record) and might let them win to qualify...
I'd say realistic rather than pessimistic. Maybe I gave too little chances for Žalgiris but I believe it will like that. Maybe one or two wins in games that mean nothing. Everytime I am optimistic things turn out upside down. Hopefully I am wrong this time.

Speaking about Lavrinovic rumour. That would be a big move by Žalgiris <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/thup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thup:' />