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Full Version: FIBA EuroCup Quarter Finals draw
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EuroCup Quarter Final Playoffs

Tartu Rock vs. Ural Great Perm

Dexia Mons vs. CSK-VVS Samara

Proteas EKA AEL vs. Khimik Yuzhny

Barons LMT Riga vs. KK Zagreb

The teams named first have a home advantage. The first teams to reach the 2 wins will go through...

I have to say that I'm quite impressed by AE Limassol. A tiny without any basketball tradition and yet they have taken their team to another level. Both in terms of basketball and marketing. Regularly selling out at EuroCup games, have a solid fan base etc...

I wouldn't be surprised to see them making it to the final.
What does the winner get? If it is "just" a cup then it wouldn't be fair when there is higher profile competitions ush as Uleb Cup. The winner should get a ticket to the Uleb Cup in my opinion. From the teams that are in QF I think it is really unpredictable. Maybe we will see Lithuanian entrance next year. 3 or even 4 teams were invited last year but none of them accepted the invitation.
They don't get anything big. Maybe some cash bonus and of course the glory of a European Cup. It should be a big deal for Cypriot or Ukrainian teams right? And publicity for them to move to the next level.

AE Limassol for example is fighting for years to get their way in to the Greek A1... So winning a European Cup and having a 3000 crowd which sells out in all games, and having a decent marketing department and a very decent squad doesn't leave much objections to their claim that they deserve a spot.

FIBA Euro Cup is the only European Cup which is run by FIBA by the way.