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Full Version: Funny and weird videos
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Anyone sees something wrong on this package?

[Image: curves.jpg]
Biggrin the skin color doesn't match the face and hands and plus there's no belly button. She wasn't born, she was created Laugh
We may talk about an orange-humanish(sic?) color, t-shirt, on the other hand... Blink
lol, very funny... looks like the graphic artist missed something.
Drunk football referee in Belarus. At first it was thought that he has some back pain but when he was taken to hospital it appeared that he's been drinking too much.

Saw that video the other day, funny stuff. Laugh
Quote:Saw that video the other day, funny stuff. Laugh

He even waived his hand to the fans when leaving the stadium.
Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues

[Image: 1152002607_7e808a5f95.jpg]
Especially from 2:33 Laugh

The guy on the picture is a famous criminal in Lithuania.
What about this for a fight scene in an action movie?

Panathinaikos-Asteras Tripolis game some months ago. Argentinian Bastia gets sent off for tackling an opponent.... fan!

This is one crazy wild party! Crazy

LMAO! Who wants to join them?
A couple of funny commercials:

[Image: Treadmill_gangsta.gif]
Filipino cheerleaders? Laugh

This kid is wicked! Crazy
Quote:[Image: Treadmill_gangsta.gif]

wow that got me laughing so hard!!! Laugh

Obama Ninja!

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