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Full Version: Final Four Results/ NCAA Championship Game Preview
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The Final Four 2008 in San Antonio results are in. UCLA fell to Memphis - 78-63. Douglas Roberts scored a clean cut 28 points. Derrick Rose was a HUGE impact.

The Kansas and UNC game - Many predicted UNC. Not the result. 84-66 Kansas rolls. It was over when late in the first half, Kansas lead 42-10. But NO! The Tar Heels came rallying back. But they still lost. Brandon Rush had 25 points, and 6 rebounds.

The Championship Game will be Monday, April 7th. This will be a clash - Kansas and Memphis. I'm predicting Memphis. Memphis has ALOT of key players, such as Douglas Roberts, and Derrick Rose.

Who do you think will win it all?

I'll give a more indepth review of the championship game tommorow.
I'm taking Memphis. They seem unbeatable.
Not anymore. They lost to Kansas.

But a very close game, in OT.