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Full Version: Russian Superleague decides to reduce teams
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On a Russian Superleague board meeting it was decided to periodically reduce the teams in the Russian Superleague.

Starting from next season when the teams will be reduced to 12 from 13 which is the current number while the teams will be further reduced to 10 to form the final format of the Russian Superleague.

It was also decided to further cut down the number of foreign players. Starting from next season each team will have the right to register a total of 6 non-Russian players and then use up to 5 of them in every Russian Superleague game.

The limitation will be also applied to the teams' bench where only 1 non-Russian coaching staff can be hired, including the head coach. Anymore foreign staff members will count against the 6 foreign players limit.

For example if a team hires both a non-Russian coach and an assistant coach they will be able to register only 5 foreign players and not six... and so on...