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Full Version: If you played in the NBA.
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Which team do you see yourself fitting on? Playing style wise. You can really only reply to this thread if you actually play ball.

I'd fit in good with a team like the sonics, because I play good when I have another good player with me. See, for me it can't be like a star loaded team, because I really only impact the game with my shooting and passing. So if I have one good star player to pass it to while in the half-court offense that works out great.

If I wasn't asthmatic I'd fit real well with the suns knowing how well the dish and get out on the break, but I just couldn't keep up with my peanut sized lungs.
I'd go to the Celtics, this year anyways, usually in a game when we keep score and we lose/win I usually get 30-40 points, which is enough for our team to get a solid 80-90 points.

(( B-ball tourneys weekly))

Offense Explosion man <<
I think i'd work well on the spurs.

Play good D, hustle and hit the open jumper.

I dont like playing 1 on 1 basketball. I am a PG and like to play in the flow of the game, I like running pick and rolls though. Utah does both of those things VERY well. I also like not HAVING to give the ball to just the post guy and stand around watching, I like being able to dish to WHOEVER is open, not just this and that guy.
The Suns because Nash would make me seem a lot better than I am, I can hit open shots which he'd find for me.
Put me on the Sonic's. I'd lead them to the NBA Championship.

But seriously, i would say the Suns, stick me in instead of Raja Bell, they can't play D so thats good for me, also i can hit jumpshots, and i'll be able to throw some dunks down off Nash's dishes!