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Full Version: All the news and rumours 2008/9 season
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1. Givat Shmuel and Maccabi Haifa promoted to the 1st division. The 3rd will decide between Kiryat Ata and Netanya.

2. Afula relegated to the 2nd div despite they had not the worse roster in the league.

3. Maccabi will play in the EL in any situation, the champ (or second if Maccabi will be) will play in the ULEB CUP and third place will play at the elimination round in the ULEB. Jerusalem needs a miracle to be at the F4 and play in Europe next season.
Can someone from Isreal write few lines about Malik Dixon? He signed for Zadar yesterday. Tnx
Source: [url="http://http"]The Hoop Blog[/url]

Quote:There is a rumor according to [url="http://http"][/url] that Carlos Arroyo(1.88-PG/SG) may leave Maccabi behind and return to the NBA. Arroyo seems to be a candidate for the Orlando Magic but he is still tied to a contract with Maccabi that won't just let him go without a compensation.

The puerto-rican scorer has been a vital player for Maccabi averaging 15.8 points 4.8 rebounds and 5 assists per game in 4 games in the Euroleague so far.

I, for one, hope this isn't true and I hope he gets acclimated into European better soon
Galil Elion and Ashkelon made a trade which took Amit Tamir to the Galil Elion and Nir Cohen to the latter.