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Full Version: Turkey NT 2008
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With Eurobasket 2009 qualifiers taking place on Septmeber, I think it's time to start a thread for Turkish national team.
Coach Tanjevic said that he will make a choice between Hidayet and Mehmet. It looks like Mehmet Okur will be out of the NT.
It is probably the right decision. Turkey could have done better with Turkoglu and Okur but it seems that they have negative affect on team's chemistry.
Turkey NT squad has been announced today:

Ersin Görkem (antalya b?<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Cool' />

Ersan ?lyasova (barcelona)

Ãœmit Sonkol (banvit)

Engin Atsür (benetton)

Sinan Güler (be?ikta?)

Bar?? Hersek, Bora Paçun, Ender Arslan, Kerem Gönlüm (efes pilsen)

O?uz Sava?, Ömer A??k, Ömer Onan, Semih Erden (fenerbahçe)

Cemal Nalga, Cenk Akyol (galatasaray)

Hido (orlando magic)

Kerem Tunçeri (real madrid)

Do?u? Balbay (texas unv.)
Too late but we can at least give the results and stats of NT in Eurobasket 2009 qualifications:

Turkey-Ukraine: 86-73 (24-24, 27-13, 20-17, 15-19)

Ersan 10pts 12rebs, Hidayet 15pts 7rebs 5as, O?uz Sava? 15pts 3rebs 2as, Kerem Gönlüm 15pts 3rebs 3as, Kerem Tunçeri 13pts 2as 3st
Belgium-Turkey: 63-78 (13-15, 15-21, 21-18, 14-24)

Ersan Ilyasova 21pts 9rebs 3st, Ender Arslan 20pts 2as, Hidayet Türko?lu 12pts 5rebs 5as, Kerem Gönlüm 10pts 13rebs
Turkey-France: 77-65 (18-19, 20-16, 19-10, 20-20)

Kerem Tunçeri 16pts, O?uz Sava? 15pts 4rebs, Kerem Gönlüm 13pts 7rebs, Ender Arslan 12pts 3rebs 4as, Hidayet Türko?u 10pts 4rebs 4as, Ersan Ilyasova 4pts 8rebs
Turkey remains perfect:

Ukraine-Turkey: 64-86 (16-17, 18-23, 16-27, 14-19)

Kerem Gönlüm 17pts 6rebs 6st, Kerem Tunçeri 10pts 5st, Engin Atsür 9pts 3as, Hidayet Türko?lu 11pts 3rebs, Ender Arslan 13pts, Ersan Ilyasova 9pts 7rebs, O?uz Sava? 6pts 3as, Sinan Güler 6pts 2rebs
Turkey secured first place and qualified for Eurobasket 2009:

Turkey-Belgium: 80-64

Ersan 22pts 8rebs, O?uz 13pts 2rebs, Kerem Gönlüm 7pts 7rebs, Hidayet 12pts 6rebs 4as, Kerem Tunçeri 10pts 3as