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Full Version: Vote For New Header
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[Image: talkbasketborderplayers597.jpg]

[Image: talkbasketborderwith848.jpg]

The Below ones are not part of the vote, but the Header with most votes will have its own Christmas version of itself.

[Image: talkbasketchristmas915.jpg]

[Image: talkbasketchristmasplayers996.jpg]

Vote away! Smile
My vote goes to the second version. The banner looks good but as I said on MSN, I think that it might not fit well on our green forum skin.
second one for me too. I found the first one, to pasive. If you want to put a basketball player on a banner. Make it that he is playing basketball on the picture.
Second one here too. Better to leave it without any faces (it's always subjective).
Definitely the 2nd one, but the colors are off as Vilius said.
Me and Vilius have been talking and if and i mean if we get a new forum skin, it will be blue or black to go with the header. Like i said though, thats an if.
I voted for the Second one.