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maybe it's time to talk about the Belgium league:



PG Johnson(USA)/Tabu(BEL)/MAjor(BEL)
SG Hamilton(USA)/Barac(CRO)/HounHanou(BEL)
SF Broyles(USA)/Walsh(USA)/Sekularac(SER)
PF Wilkinson(USA)/Matela(USA)/Massot(BEL)
C Riddick(USA)/Lalic(CRO)

coach Anzulovic

Playing great basketball in Europe and Belgium.


PG Conlan(USA)/Nesbitt(USA)/Libert(BEL)
SG Torbert(USA)/Reiking(USA)/Bauwens(BEL)/Marnegraeve(BEL)
SF Hall(USA)/ Dowell(USA)
PF Green(USA)/Sensley(USA)/Potter(USA)
C Ebong(USA)

Coach: Finch

Green plays center and their are no playing minutes for Belgium players. Mons is playing great in Europe and Belgium


PG T. Huffman(USA)/O. Foucart (BEL)
SG Lojeski(USA)/ D Huffman(USA)/Gonzales(USA)/T. Foucart(BEL)
SF Charlo(USA)
PF Cantrell(USA)
C Pelle(USA)/Debel(BEL)

Allthough Lojeski(will go to a much bigger club next year) is a SG, he plays most of the time at SF. Charlo plays at PF from time to time.


PG Black(USA)/Hopkins(USA/Wouters(BEL)
SG Lamot(BEL)
SF Gay(USA)/Lynch(USA)/Oveneke(BEL)
PF Beghin(BEL)/Licho(BEL)
C Dupont(BEL)/Oudendag(NED)

coach Casteels

Antwerp plays with Hopkins or Black at SG in rotation with Lynch. And Gay sometimes plays PF.


PG Draper(USA)/Bosco(BEL)
SG Hite(USA)/ Paunic(SER)/ Sergeant(BEL)
SF Petrovic(SER)
PF Bauer(USA)/Hicks(USA)
C Haryasz(USA)/Bellin(BEL)

coach Badioli

Paunic will play at back-up SF. Lot's of new players. You could write a book about what happend.


PG Wilson(USA)/Colette(BEL)
SG Hill(USA)/Troisfontaines(BEL)
SF Cage(USA)/Owens(USA)
PF Thomas(USA)/Fields(USA)
C Poole(USA)

coach Johnson

Liege is playing great basketball in Europe but the results in the Belgium league aren't their yet.


PG Miller(USA)/Bitee(USA)/Idris(BEL)
SG Anderson(USA)/Vuchelen(BEL)
Sf VanderJonckheyd(BEL)
PF Ohanon(ISR)
C Young(USA)/Ibrahim(NGR)

coach: Skelin

Leuven is playing well mostly thanks to coach Seklin.


PG Moors(BEL)/Loubry(BEL)
SG Freeman(USA)
SF Melson(USA)/Robinson(USA)
PF Randle(USA)
C Brown(USA)/Van Langenhove(BEL)

coach Rogiers

they released PG Kimbourg(replaced by Moors) and PF Ofoegbu(don't know if they will replace them)


PG Banks(USA)/Hopkins(BEL)
SG Chada(BEL)
SF Zecevic(SER)/Dove(USA)/Mucic(SLO)
PF De Zeeuw(BEL)/Larochevic(BEL)
C Barbary(USA)/Duane(USA)

coach: Van Meerbeeck

had to talk about this team. They are not doing well but they just want to stay in the league and get healthy financialy.

any questions, remarques: just ask.
Belgique league is one of the best transit leagues in Europe. Many US players started their European career from there like Michael Batiste and JR Holden.
Quote:Belgique league is one of the best transit leagues in Europe. Many US players started their European career from there like Michael Batiste and JR Holden.

Last year it was D'or Fisher(Maccabi )who made a big carreer jump and this year I have high hopes for Matt Lojeski(Aalst). There are allready some offers for him.
Oostende wants to sign Pervis Pasco(deal has allready made official) but rumours say that Rieti won't let Pasco go.

Mons signed Marcus Sommerville(Roanne)

Charleroi is rumoured to be interested into signing Marcus Faison.

Quote:Spirou Charleroi beat Dexia Mons 66-57 in the 3rd game of the series and swept them 3-0 to get the crown. Each team won 2 quarters, but it seems that Charleroi was more eager to win this game and the championship with it.

Jerry Johnson had 14 and Len Matela 12 for the champions. Dexia Mons was lead by 13 of Elson Nesbitt, and 12 of each Ben Ebong and Nate Reinking.
According to his agency, Will Thomas will be staying with Liege.

Quote:It is always great occasion when a player and a club find mutual respect and ambition agree to prolong their relationship for another year. This is the case with 6'7" forward Will Thomas who signed for another year with Belgacom Liege Basket in the Belgium league. He averaged 10.2 ppg and 7.9 rpg (4th best in the league) with an amazing high of 23 rebounds in one game last year, which was his rookie season in Europe after an outstanding career at George Mason University....

Quote:Averaging 18 points, 6 rebounds, 2,7 assists and an index of 22,3 Matt Walsh was named MVP of the Finals in Belgium.

The American swingman (1,98, 1982) has previously played for the Miami Heat, Larissa (where he was also considered for MVP honours) and Ricoh Manresa.
Charerloi wil keep it's team togheter: Hamilton, Johnson, Matela, Wilkinson and Lalic.

Liege signed will thomas and a new coach: Damir Gjerga

Oostende signed new coach: Mehmet Becirovic

Anybody knows what kind of coach Bericovic is?
Quote:Anybody knows what kind of coach Bericovic is?

Memi Becirovic is more than a decent coach. Not typical Yugo coach though with the type of way his teams plays. He gives a lot of freedom to the players in offense. Maybe has a bit soft approach

to the players meaning he is not so strict, but overall he is decent and competent coach who has won the Slovenian league with an underdog like Domzale and has coached in Ukraine this season. Hope I helped.

As you may know, he is Sani Becirovic' father.
Bingo Merriex to Aalst
Oostende signed Vladan Vukosavljevic. Anybody has some information about him. Seem te be efficiënt but a bad rebounder. How is his defence.
Quote:Oostende signed Vladan Vukosavljevic. Anybody has some information about him. Seem te be efficient but a bad rebounder. How is his defence.

As far as I know he's beast in the low post ["beast" in the word's truest meaning - he weighs around 135kg], hence highly useful on the offensive end as an inside weapon, but defense and rebounding are suspect. Still probably a huge addition. The Balkan experts here can probably give a much more detailed report.

Quote:Oostende signed Vukosavjevic, Aalst signed Merriex and Jaak Stass becomes new team manager of Spirou Charleroi.

206 Vladan Vukosavljevic signed a contract with Base Oostende. The Serbian center was good for 17.6ppg and 3.2 rpg in the adriatic league.

On other news Okapi Aalstar signed powerforward/Center Bingo Merrieux. Merriex played for Le havre last season where he avaraged 9.8ppg and 8.4rpeg

Charleroi's current assistent coach Jaak Stass will become team manage. He will switch with david Desy who will become assistent coach.
Oostende signed Caleb Green
2009-2010 week 8


Liege 71-62 Dexia Mons
Charleroi 101-60 Pepinster
Base Oostende 70-76 Leuven
Aalstar 94-72 Gent

Antwerp Giants had the day off.

MVP of week 8 was BJ Raymond of Aalstar with an index rating of 27 behind 24 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.


1. Charleroi 6-2
2. Liege 5-2
3. Antwerp 4-3
4. Leuven 4-3
5. Verviers-Pepinster 4-3
6. Oostende 4-4
7. Dexia Mons 2-5
8. Aalstar 2-5
9. Gent 2-6
Via FIBA Europe

Quote:The good fans of Spirou Charleroi didn't have it all their own way this season but when it was over, they had a third straight league title to celebrate following a 3-1 triumph over Belgacom Liege Basket in the domestic play-off finals.

Charleroi signed off in convincing style, too, winning Game 4, 74-49.

Dwayne Broyles poured in 18 points for Charleroi, drilling four of five shots from three-point range in the contest.

Charleroi opened up a 35-22 lead by half-time and delivered the knockout punch in the third quarter when they outscored Liege, 26-12.

Sacha Massot summed up the feelings of his Charleroi teammates after the win.

"It is a moment for all the fans who have supported us since the beginning and also went through difficult times," he said.
No comment.
Dusan Katnic arrived yesterday at Oostende. In my eyes he has a lot of talent but he doesn't get confidence he need to show his true potential.

In Oostende he will be great, if he gets enough playing time and confidence. I've heard that there are still big team that want him. but there are waiting how his adventure at Oostende ends. If its bad they will want to get them but they first want to test him. Does anybody know more about this?
Dexia Mons-Hainaut has signed American forward Ahmad Nivins (206-F-87, college: St.Joseph's) for the rest of the season. Main reason for this addition is the fact that Justin Cage is out with pneumonia for the moment.

At the end of his senior year at Saint Joseph's he was voted Atlantic 10 Player of the Year. That season he led his team with a double double for the season, scoring 19.2 ppg and 11.8 rpg. He also received all conference honors for his 3 last years in college.

His excellent senior year resulted in being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2009 NBA draft.

Played 13 games for Manresa in the Spanish ACB league before he suffered a knee injury which kept him on the sidelines for the rest of the season.

In those 13 games he had averages of 7.8 ppg and 4.2 rpg.

The draft rights of Ahmad Nivins are held by the Dallas Mavericks and there are looking at him to see how much he has developed. They see him as a player who can play for them in the future. Shan Foster( also a player who's draft rights are held by Dallas) and Ron Lewis( former Ohio State guard) are playing at Mons and are playing really good
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