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Full Version: basket ball and christianity
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I've heard that basket ball is very popular in the states amongst young men in Christian groups, do people feel this is true and I wonder why its basket ball in particular
I really can't comment on this. Maybe our American members have anything to say about it.
Well it is really popular here, and it's one of the more popular sports with Christian organizations too...

I think places like the YMCA(young mens christian association), and churches all have basketball teams because they want some sport, but most other sports cost a good bit of money to play(equipment, a place to play, etc.) and basketball you really don't need too much... Just a court and a ball... which you could usually find here if you walked around the city streets for 10-20 minutes.
Yes, basketball and Christianity are strongly tied with each other.

For example when a shooting guard jacks up a threepointer he starts praying it goes in. Or when the coach is pissed off because his players are not following his orders he is thinking 'Oh dear God, my players are a bunch of idiots'.