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Full Version: Podcast Episode 1 released!
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. presents you a new feature on the site. From now on we will be releasing podcast episodes regurarly. The first episode is published and you can listen to it below. It includes round ups of Euroleague, Eurocup Final Eight, major European domestic leagues and more. Here's the first episode presented by John Hobbs.

Listen to the first episode here

Or watch it below

Comments and feedback are welcome. Great job John!
Hey Vilius, great job. Although some of the music we chose wasn't in the podcast.

I heard it today on the site. I noticed that the sound is stream only. Wouldn't it be useful to include a link to download it as mp3? For example someone can make an archive or something else can put it in his mp3 player and listen it in the bus to work or something, like BBC podcasts.
That's a good idea. The link to download the podcast will be added soon.
Now this stuff I really like! I really prefer this kind of thing, not only that my eyes are bad and I can't stand reading long text but I can do two things at once Smile I have no problems listening to John despite that my English is average. I'm really looking forward for next episode. How others guys evaluate this new feature?
Very nice guys.