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Full Version: CSKA's Budget to Decrease by 30%
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According, CSKA Moscow is to reduce their budget for the new season and the reduction will be 30% of the current budget according to GM of the club Andrey Vatutin. Vatutin said that the budget of the team last season was between 55 and 60 million dollars which accounts for all the expenses of the team and not just the players.

Given this reduction in the budget it remains a possibility that certain players will be released from the team if they have really high contracts and they don't offer as much.

Looks like the financial crisis is striking them hard. However, they will still apparently have a budget of around 42 million dollars, which is still at the top of the Euroleague in budgets.
They will just cut high paid players who are not starts like Zisis and Morris. They can even get some money for selling Zisis from the Greek giants.
Vatunin says that CSKA will hold negotiations this week with its shareholdres regarding the team's financing for the next season.
I am guessing their budget will be about 25 mil, which will be the 3rd highest budget anyway and high enough for them to be a serious title contender again. Unless of course Messina and other key parts of the team leave...