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Full Version: CSKA Moscow 2009/10
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Quote:Russian newspapers Sport Express named three potential candidates that could replace Ettore Messina who is likely to depart and sign with Real Madrid. All of the candidates are related to Russian basketball closely.

Russia national team and Dynamo Moscow head coach David Blatt is the most experienced among the candidates. Russian basketball federation wanted Blatt to work in Russia and there were rumours about him signing a contract with CSKA Moscow last summer when Messina's future was in doubt.

David Vanterpool played as a player under Ettore Messina and once he retired he was chosen as an assistant coach. He must have learnt a lot during his time on the bench of CSKA helping Messina coach the team.

Evgenyi Pashutin who is a former Russia national team member was coaching Spartak St. Petersburg taking his team to the third place in Russian Superleague.

Quote:According, CSKA Moscow is to reduce their budget for the new season and the reduction will be 30% of the current budget according to GM of the club Andrey Vatutin. Vatutin said that the budget of the team last season was between 55 and 60 million dollars which accounts for all the expenses of the team and not just the players.

Given this reduction in the budget it remains a possibility that certain players will be released from the team if they have really high contracts and they don't offer as much.

Quote:As it was officially confirmed by the Norilsk Nickel General Director Vladimir Strzalkovskiy the Russian Metallurgical Giants will drastically cut down CSKA Moscow financing.

"The budget will be drastically reduced, this is our final and confirmed decision. But we will make sure from the behalf of the Norilsk Nickel that even without any other sponsors CSKA Moscow will still have the biggest budget in Russia."

said Strzalkovskiy to the Russian News Agency RIA Novosti.

This leaves CSKA Moscow on the search looking for new ways of boosting their income by sponsors, TV revenue, advertising and other options.

Some days ago CSKA Moscow General Manager Andrei Vatutin had said that his team will reduce their budget by 30% but it seems that the number will be larger than that.

Quote:As CSKA Moscow's General Manager Andrei Vatutin stated to the club's official website, CSKA Moscow will now have to rebuild its squad because their budget will be reduced.

More specifically Andrei Vatutin stated:

"In response to the upcoming budget cuts CSKA decided to build a new team. We have discussed the future concept of our project with out shareholders for a long time now and the outcome of those discussions is that CSKA must remain a basketball leader in Russia, a team aiming for the highest targets.

Doing so, it is time to give a chance to a Russian coach and provide opportunities to young Russian players to prove themselves on the court. We want to see a young and ambitious team under the leadership of Evgeniy Pashutin which will be consisting of Russian players in, at least, two-thirds of the squad. I am sure this is the right path, a path which is fully consistent with the interests of our basketball.

In choosing Evgeniy Pashutin as our new head coach we are certain that: Yevgeniy Pashutin has extensive experience working as an assistant coach alongside Dusan Ivkovic, Ettore Messina and David Blatt. Last season, Evgeniy did well for himself in Spartak St. Petersburg. This is the coach, whose name we want to link the future of our club to. We believe that Pashutin has every chance to succeed. Through the powerful infrastructure of CSKA, the experience of managers and staff of the club, the support of fans, together, we can succeed. Evgeniy is well aware of the complexities, and is willing to assume greater responsibility.

Seven years ago, when we started the CSKA basketball project with Sergey Kushenko, the task was slightly different: to create a European powerhouse, which would dominate not only in Russia but would be able to win the Euroleague. This project was very successful - we won the Euroleague twice, while leading basketball in Russia, on the national level too. Trying to beat our team, our domestic rivals in Russia have substantially improved their club infrastructure, increased budgets, signed the best players and coaches. As a result, club basketball in Russia has made a qualitative leap forward and achieved significant results in European cups.

Today, however, the pace of our development has clearly slowed because of the financial situation and modern times require for new ideas. The budget races and the signing of foreign stars no longer work for us. I am sure, that investing on young Russian players, CSKA will be laying a new cornerstone in the foundation of our basketball. We have to trust the Russian players and coaches, make the product attractive to investors.

Of course, changes will be made in the team squad and the coaching and administrative staff. We are negotiating with candidates who can strengthen CSKA, but their names will be announced after the successful conclusion of the negotiations between us."

Quote:Just hours after CSKA Moscow announced his name as the replacement of the legendary Italian coach Ettore Messina, Evgeniy Pashutin gave his first interview to the Russian "Sovetskiy Sport". TalkBasket has found the interview and translated it.

The news of his appointment as the head coach of CSKA found Yevgeniy Pashutin in Moscow on vacation. He has already agreed terms with CSKA as early as Friday, but could still not believe that his coaching career took such a turn for the better in a matter of days.

Congratulations come in one after the other - one can hear the joy in Evgeniy Pashutin's voice.

-I understand that this is a very serious job. CSKA is a powerhouse with a great tradition. And my task is to prove that CSKA is the best team not only in Russia but also in Europe.

With a reduced budget and the team composed of Russians by two-thirds this would be a difficult challenge...

-But it is possible. I believe this.

When did you receive the offer to coach CSKA?

- We talked about this possibility last week with the General Manager of CSKA Andrei Vatutin. But it all depended on Ettore Messina's pending decision, which was actually taken just prior to your call.

What are your feelings right now?

-Exaltation, responsibility and gratitude. Gratitude to CSKA's administration, for believing in me, and to Spartak. Spartak offered me my first job and we had a great season. I can say without any doubt that Spartak will forever remain in my heart. I take my hat off to the players, the administration and the fans of the club. I will continue to support Spartak St. Petersburg. "Peter" (St. Petersburg) deserves to host a basketball powerhouse.

Does St. Petersburg know about your move to CSKA?

-We parted in good terms - we wished each other good luck. By the way, do not forget that all this time I had a contract with CSKA and was at Spartak on loan.

When moving to St. Petersburg, could you imagine that everything would change so quickly?

-Of course not. Although deep in my heart, I hoped that someday I would return to CSKA. But now everything happened very spontaneously.

Have CSKA players with whom you have worked for several years, already congratulated you?

-No, the guys have probably not been posted yet.

What will the composition of CSKA in 2009/10 season?

-We will reveal the names later. Right now we are in the process of choosing.

Who will be your assistants?

-Dmitriy Shakulin will certainly remain at the club. I don't want to reveal the remaining names yet.

What will happen with Alexei Savrasenko, which you took to "Peter" after his conflict with Messina?

-No comment.

Was it your idea to offer Ettore Messina a technical consultant position at CSKA?

-This is the club administration's idea. But I am all for it. Ettore is a great coach. I have learned a lot from him. For me it would be a great advantage to have his presence in CSKA.

What are your immediate plans?

-I am now in Moscow. But from this moment I am the head coach of CSKA and the holidays are over. I will start working on players' selection. Then, as usual, training, gatherings, tournaments...
CSKA GM Andrei Vatutin said that there will be maximum 4 foreigners in CSKA next season, maybe even 3.

So far JR Holden, Smodis, Siskauskas, Morris, Planinic, Zisis are all rumoured to be a target of vairous European clubs.

On the other hand it seems that Dmitriy Sokolov, ex UNICS Kazan, will be the new signing of CSKA.

He is C, 212cm, 24 years old
And my estimation is that the budget cut will be way more than 30%

Quote:In an interview given to a Russian sports channel Anton Ponkrashov admitted that he is very likely to return to CSKA Moscow next season, given that the new coach, Evgeniy Pashutin, wants him in the team.

Anton Ponkrashov talked about the negotiations taking place for his return to CSKA, during a break from the Russian National Team training camp in Novogorsk.

"It is too early to talk about this. I had a discussion with CSKA's new head coach Evgeniy Pashutin and he told me he would like to have me in his team. Now I must speak with the club's General Manager Andrey Vatutin and then we will know more." said Ponkrashov.

Quote:Sergey Kushchcenko, the man who turned CSKA Moscow into a Euroleague powerhouse announced in an interview to Sport-Express that he will have to step down as President of CSKA Moscow in order to become the President of the Russian Biathlon Federation.

Kushchenko is also the vice-President of the Russian Basketball Federation and having three jobs would be too much for him, so his only option will be to quit CSKA.

The next CSKA president will be decided by the club's Board of Directors.
Current roster:

# NIKITA BARINOV Russia Forward 2.03 1991

#5 NIKITA KURBANOV Russia Forward 2.02 1986

#7 VICTOR KEYRU Russia Guard 2.00 1984

#8 MATJAZ SMODIS Slovenia Forward 2.05 1979

#9 RAMUNAS SISKAUSKAS Lithuania Forward 1.98 1978

#10 J.R. HOLDEN Russia Guard 1.85 1976

#13 POPS MENSAH-BONSU United Kingdom Center 2.06 1983

#15 ARTEM ZABELIN Russia Center 2.15 1988

#18 ANTON PONKRASHOV Russia Guard 2.00 1986

#20 ANDREY VORONTSEVICH Russia Forward 2.04 1987

#21 TRAJAN LANGDON USA Guard 1.92 1976

#24 SASHA KAUN Russia Center 2.13 1985

#30 DMITRY SOKOLOV Russia Center 2.14 1985

#31 VIKTOR KHRYAP Russia Forward 2.03 1982

#34 ZORAN PLANINIC Croatia Guard 1.99 1982