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Full Version: Attendance figures rise by 3.2% in Italy
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Quote:The 2008-2009 Regular Season in Italy Serie A games have seen a 3.2 % increase in attendance in relation to the 2007-08 campaign. This means that this season, the average attendance in Italy has been 3,862 fans per game.

This also means that the increase since 2001-2002 season, is 35.1 %. La Fortezza Virtus Bologna ranks first in attendance at their home games, with 6,767 fans per night, followed by Scavolini Spar Pesaro ( 5,508 ), and Montepaschi Siena ( 5,237 ).

In the ticket revenue chapter, La Fortezza Virtus is also leading Serie A clubs, with an average of 43,286 € per game.