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Full Version: Italian Lega A threatens to boycott 2009/10 championship!
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Quote:As it was made known this evening Lega A may not even start next autumn due to the Federation's decision to limit the number of non-European players eligible to play for each club from four down to three.

They even went further and threatened not to allow their players to join the Italian Junior National Teams.

More specifically The Assembly of Lega Basket Serie A which convened in Bologna discussed the issue of players eligibility for upcoming seasons. Once again, the clubs must check that proposal made during these years, plus investment on young players, have been disregarded by unilateral decisions of the Federation, which has not taken into account the difficulty of the current economical situation, which reflects only in clubs balances.

Lega Basket realises that the work done and the proposals made by the Lega Commissions haven´t been taken into account. Therefore, Serie A clubs reject May 15 and 16 decisions of the Federal Council, and lacking immediate and specific modifications, will meet in the upcoming weeks to agree how to act regarding the initiatives voted unanimously today. Among them, blocking the 2009-10 championship and not responding to next calls of the young National Teams when players of Serie A clubs are convoked.

The Assembly has then analysed and discussed on offers made last June 5 in the private negotiation by subjects who have shown interest in acquiring audio-visual rights of Serie A championship. Due to the complexity of the issue, clubs have requested President Valentino Renzi to analyse more in depth the documentation made available in order to take a decision shortly.