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With the summer coming and all the leagues having finished, it is natural for basketball news to be less and basketball websites going down in traffic and be desperate to post just about anything to fill up space and give the erroneous notion of being operative.

We fully understand this as TalkBasket, after all we own a basketball website too, one of the biggest European-oriented basketball websites actually. We understand that these are difficult times for everyone, maybe because they are cutting down in personnel, therefore not having enough resources to continue at a required pace in the market.

We see that in the traffic rates, where most basketball websites have suffered in traffic, with TalkBasket being one of the few exceptions here gaining popularity and hits by the day. But we base our development on genuine and hard labor.

As TB we do not claim being miraculously parthenogenic and all our reports and posts coming from inside information of our own, we always give credit in our articles to the original source, when it is not from our own sources, by either mentioning the source's media name, website and even names of the original author. Even

As a a sign of minimum professional courtesy we would like to ask any website that decides to copy news, articles or blogs from TB to at least mention TB as their source, like we do with our articles.

That being said, in the last few days myself and some other TB reporters have witnessed a very weird phenomenon where one of the biggest Greek basketball websites, has been posting the same exactly news, sometimes with even the exact same title, and most of the times copying the exact same text, in a matter of minutes after they have been posted on

Although we thank you dearly for the numerous hits you give to TB, as you are probably sitting over a computer all day long refreshing your browser at we would like to very kindly ask you to at least mention TB, or else stop conducting yourself in such a unscrupulous manner.

If someone from reads this please absolve me for using some perplexing English terms, as I abundantly apprehend your scantly comprehension of the English language. I have solely come to this abeyance by reading your 'News in English' section and the poor elucidation of TB articles into Greek.

That being said, your must also wonder why your Greek language skills proficiency is also poor.

I give you some examples of practices


after 9 minutes:

after 24 minutes:


after 11 minutes:

after 7 minutes:

after 40 minutes:


after 2 hours:

after 1 1/2 hour:

Damn they even posted robbe's comic about Euroleague's "wild card battle between Alba and Aris" as a serious article: Crazy

I don't know if editor has any idea that this is going on, but he should consider this as a last warning.

Don't make us publish this on the main site! We specifically say on our terms that we do not mind our articles being copied, as long as TB is mentioned, not even given credit to.

PS: This is not the first time this is happening, but we sorted out the little 'problem' with rather quickly and painlessly. Wink

PS1: TB has a legal department consisting of two young and very ambitious licensed advocates who can't wait to get their hands dirty. Please do not make us 'unleash' them, as we are not vindictive persons and have never utilized them, don't make us do it now.
It's incredible how some sites work. In Germany there are strict laws for this, there are lawyers around that are specialised exclusively on this matter. They don't belong to a certain site. They charge you 200 or 300 Euros if you use a small image that belongs to another site, yes, even a small gif icon is already enough. Let alone copying other sites' articles repeatedly.
This is totally unacceptable behaviour. As it was mentioned before the actions will be taken in order to prevent such events from happening in the future. For now we ask either to remove those articles from or name TB as the source in every single article which was copied from here.
(06-29-2009, 10:09 PM)BlackĀ Urum Wrote: [ -> ]Monday, June 29:


one hour later:

these statements however were on all Spanish media. not necessarily taken from TB