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Devin Booker on Suns success in Orlando: “It will build for us for continuing years”

Patrick Beverley Devin Booker
Photo: USA Today Sports

Devin Booker had another tremendous game in the Orlando “bubble” leading the Phoenix Suns to their 7th consecutive win.

Despite the 7-0 record in the NBA restart, the Suns are not in control of their fate to make the playoffs instead of Memphis, Portland or Spurs.

Booker admitted that it will be tough if they don’t make it, but the Suns will learn and build from this experience for years to come.

(Via ESPN):

“That’s life, man,” Booker said when asked about the possibility of 8-0 not being good enough. “We’re controlling what we can control. That’s the eight games that we play in. So I’m proud of my guys regardless. We came in here with the right mindset, and it could have been different. People could have been frustrated, coming off of a four-month hiatus, to straight to basketball and leaving your family.

“But we came in, we locked in, and made the sacrifices that we need to make, so I don’t think there’s going to be any sad faces around here, whether we leave here in the playoffs or not. We’ve put the work in and we’ve grown as a team. We’ve took tremendous strides that I think will build for us for continuing years to come.”

Phoenix is one of the youngest squads in the NBA with an average of 24.49. With Booker “exploding” in the “bubble”, the Suns improved to 33-39 having the 10th best record in the West.

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