Frank Vogel says Kyle Kuzma is going to be an option in end-of-game situations

Kyle Kuzma
Photo by Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel says Kyle Kuzma could be a third target in end-of-game situations after he hit a game-winner against the Denver Nuggets.

According to him, the final play was executed very well with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kuzma, who hit the shot with 0.4 seconds left to play. Vogel also said the Lakers have more plays for such situations that they are keeping for the playoffs.

“Kuz is an option for us. In scrimmages since the restart he made several end-of-game big shots just like he did tonight. It’s important to have a third target out there. Some of our sets we may go to in that situation we may not want to show in a game like this and hold for the playoffs. Kuz is going to be an option in those situations,” Vogel said.

Game highlights: