Source: LeBron’s competitiveness can be oppressive, overwhelming, and anti-social

    LeBron James

    Like many superstars, LeBron James has a tough personality. According to a source close to the three-time NBA champion, James’ competitiveness can be difficult to deal with for those around him.

    LeBron has problems with those who don’t share the same attitude like he has. It seems this works for him as James has played in nine straight NBA Finals and is looking for yet another one this season.

    Per Henry Abbott of TrueHoop:

    “LeBron’s competitiveness can be oppressive, overwhelming, and anti-social. A source who knows him well calls it the “most under told story in sports.” He struggles to be around the normally motivated, gets impatient with those who don’t work as hard as he does, and has little tolerance for mistakes.

    “Most years, his teams pay a psychic tax. This year the calculus is a bit different, and not just because he’s in phenomenal physical condition. He is also happily paired with the well-liked Anthony Davis, who has the effect of softening LeBron.”

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