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Woj- More players are with Kyrie Irving than originally thought

Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
Photo: Bleacher Report

The idea of going into the Orlando bubble isn’t as sexy as having the Western Conference Finals in Los Angeles but the NBA is trying to salvage what they can of the 2019-20 NBA season. This is unorthodox to say the least and more NBA players than before seem to be on Kyrie Irving’s side.

ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski said:

“I think he is speaking for more people than we thought, maybe even a few days ago, Scott,” said Wojnarowski. “And some of those people have spoken up. But there is another undercurrent of player in the league, and they’re not just lower-level young players or journeyman players.

I think there’s another tier of player that is very in tune with what Kyrie Irving, Avery Bradley — what they’re talking about. Scott, there’s not great enthusiasm among players in this league about going into the bubble, about all the things that are going to come with it, especially on the teams who are not competing for a championship.”

Going into the bubble means sacrificing a lot. Time with family, health risks, social isolation are all things to consider while going to Orlando. Only the truly tough will be able to last. Especially knowing the low odds of winning a championship.

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