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FS1 journalist bizarrely brands Steph Curry a “high-paid Harlem Globetrotter”

Wait, what?

Steph Curry
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FS1 radio host Rob Parker has done it again. Known for spitting the occasional wildly controversial statement, Parker put Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry in his sights, making one of the most bizarre claims we’ve seen where the three-time champion is concerned.

Parker was in a debate with Chris Broussard on The Odd Couple over who the best shooter in NBA history is – Broussard thinks it’s Curry, Parker thinks it’s Ray Allen – when he referred to Steph as a “high-paid Harlem Globetrotter.”

He said:

“Steph can make all the regular season threes he wants, but he doesn’t make the big shots. He’s more like a high-paid Harlem Globetrotter making trick shots.”

Parker said he’s still waiting on Curry to hit the biggest shot of his career, pointing to Allen’s game-tying three in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.

“Ray Allen saved LeBron’s bacon with one of the biggest threes in the history of the NBA,” he added. “I would give Ray Allen the ball any time over Steph Curry. Steph is not the greatest shooter, it’s Ray Allen.”

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How You Do Steph Curry Like That?

To be fair, Allen is one of the best shooters of all time and was touted as the best-ever until Curry exploded onto the scene. Also to his point, Curry hasn’t hit a shot as career-defining as Ray’s but he’s a three time champion whose contributions made sure the Warriors weren’t often in positions where they needed a big three to bail them out.

It’s all well and good to prefer Allen over Curry and arguments could be made as to why the latter is the best, but to refer to Steph as a high-paid Globetrotter? Come on, man.

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