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Steve Kerr remembers Michael Jordan fight differently from version MJ shared in his documentary

Does everyone have a different version from what Jordan recalled?

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The infamous scuffle between Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan – mainly Kerr getting punched in the face by the former Chicago Bulls star – is one of the most popular tidbits from Jordan’s alluring off-court story. So, there was really no way it was going to be left out of the recently completed 10-part documentary rightfully dubbed The Last Dance.

In Jordan’s version of events, he got upset at head coach Phil Jackson for calling “ticky-tack fouls” during a scrimmage ahead of the 1995/96 season and ended up socking Kerr in the face.

“I’m getting mad because if you’re protecting this guy, that’s not going to help us when we play New York,” Jordan recalled. “That’s not going to help us when we play these teams. They’re very physical.”

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According to Kerr, however, Jackson wasn’t even present when the bust-up occurred.

“I had a different memory from what Michael described on the show,” Kerr said on the Green Light podcast on Friday (H/T Clutchpoints).

“My memory was that Phil had gone upstairs to his office while we were scrimmaging because he had to take a phone call from the league or something, and that’s when we got into it. So, Phil came down to see what was going on. And I remember him coming over to me, he goes, ‘You’re gonna have to clean that up.’ And I go, ‘My eye or my relationship with Michael?’”

Steve Kerr isn’t the first one to cast doubt on one of MJ’s recollections. Horace Grant recently claimed Jordan flat-out lied about certain things while journalist Sam Smith dismissed the pizza/food poisoning story as “made-up” this week.

Ultimately, though, Jordan’s take is what will really be taken into account; fans hardly care about what anyone else has to say.

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