Photo: Houston Rockets/Twitter

The Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey believes that James Harden is one of the best players ever played in the NBA.

The ‘inventor’ of the ‘Moreyball’ decided to build a team around Harden, when he traded for him in 2013. In a recent Q&A on the Houston Rockets’ Facebook page, Morey assured the fans that he will give Harden the best chance to win a title.

According to Fox 26 Marc Berman:

“We’re focused on the title..Short of that will be disappointing.James is one of the all-time great players. My job is to give him the best chance to win the title-Same with Russell..”

The Rockets were sixth (40-24) in the West, before the season came to a ‘halt’ due to the coronavirus pandemic. Morey did everything he could to surround his star with talent in the summer bringing Russell Westbrook to Houston via trade.

Furthermore, he decided to trade the Rockets’ starting center Clint Capela last February going ‘aggressively’ small with PJ Tucker and Robert Covington.

While the Rockets have a long-road to see if they can win a championship with Harden, Morey is doing all he can to put his star in the best possible situation.