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NBA legend Julius Erving on current Sixers roster: “I like what we have, we’ve got depth”

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Philadelphia and NBA legend Julius Erving claimed that he likes the current 76ers squad structure. “Dr J” joined 76ers radio announcer Tom McGinnis podcast ‘TOM’s Talks” and shared his views on the team’s squad.

“I like what we have. I think that we’ve got the positions covered. We’ve got depth. So now, to the aggressor goes the spoils. We have to initiate, instigate, and really go after it. Can’t wait for teams to make mistakes – you have to force teams into making mistakes. It’s not something that’s going to be given to you. Other teams want it as much, and if there’s any team out there that wants it more, then you’ve got to adjust, and want it more than they do. Know who your enemy is, know who your opponents are, and be the aggressor. I think aggressiveness will pay dividends for our team.”

Furthermore, the team’s personnel is specifically suited to play in the postseason, with the Sixers having depth to cope with the intensive play of the playoffs, according to the NBA legend.

“If Joel [Embiid] gets in foul trouble [for example], we’ve got backup. We’ve got backup guys at every position… As much grief as Al [Horford] was giving us in Boston… Tobias is great – [he] keeps things level in terms of team and distribution. And Ben [Simmons] is phenomenal – he’s a prodigy. I think he’s ready for it. I like our chances,” Erving said, per Sixers.com.

Listen to the full ‘TOM’s Talks’ podcast with Erving here:

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