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Re-seeding NBA playoffs would be unfair, says Nick Wright

Photo: AP/Ringo H.W. Chiu

Sports analyst Chris Broussard recently revealed that the NBA is considering re-seeding the playoffs and not use conference seedings. Instead, the teams would be ranked based on their overall record. He also pointed that such format change would open the possibility of Lakers – Clippers final. Broussard’s colleague Nick Wright is firmly against potential playoffs re-seeding.

According to him, it would be unfair for teams like the Bucks who would have to go through both Los Angeles teams to win a championship. He also made a point that Conference Finals between the Lakers and Clippers in the West and between the Bucks and Raptors in the East would be way more interesting. That would not be the case if the Lakers faced Toronto, for example.

“This would be good for my guy, LeBron. But it’s about fairness. If at Week 12 the NFL was like, ‘We’re adding a playoff team & the 2-seed doesn’t get a bye.’ That’d be wildly unfair. … It’s another reason folks would want to add an asterisk to this season,” Wright said.

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