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Would LeBron James have been a great NFL player?

LeBron James NFL
Photo: Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James’ amazing athleticism has been a topic of discussion throughout the 21st century. Inevitably, there have been countless hypothetical questions such as this: What if LeBron James had pursued a career in pro football?

Would he have become a great NFL player?

Many people think so.

After all, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, like many of his NBA counterparts, is an imposing figure. He’s built like a tight end, and has the size and strength that’s required at the position.

It’s easy to imagine that LeBron could’ve had a successful 15-year career as a premier blocker and go-to option as a reception specialist in the NFL. Moreover, it’s also not difficult to picture him as a football Hall of Famer.

With that in mind, this post linked below makes a convincing argument that King James, who excelled on the gridiron in high school, would’ve thrived at the pro level.

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